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Rare Bobby Hebb photo from Yugoslavia Pavilion in MOntreal 


Takehiro Honda Trio & Taketoshi Igarashi Quintet / This is CD-4 We love Jazz (LP)

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Baby Elephant Walk
Secret Love
I Can't Get Started
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I love you
Willow Weep For Me


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August 29, 2014 Candlestick Park - 48 years ago today

The Beatles Make History With 'All You Need Is Love': A Minute-by-Minute Breakdown (from Rolling Stone Magazine)

The Beatles did 33 takes on June 14th, picked take 10 as the best, and in the following days, overdubbed vocals, piano (played by producer George Martin) and banjo (Lennon), plus guitar and some orchestral passages. Only on June 24th, the day before the broadcast, did they decide that they would release "All You Need Is Love" as a single – meaning that the world would be watching them cut their next record.

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Bobby Hebb and Beatles Recorded in Toronto August 17, 1966

48 years ago, August 17, 1966, the Beatles and Bobby Hebb were recorded in Toronto


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MAPLE LEAF GARDEN Fifty Years Of History , Hardcover, 1981, includes photos, dj IN ROUGH SHAPEj IS TAPE REPAIRED Stan Obodiac, Director of Publicity for Maple Leaf Gardens and the Toronto Maple Leafs, has drawn on over twenty-three years of anecdotes and memories to assemble a book that shines with personalities, showmanship and just plain fun. Remember "He shoots! He scores!" By, i93i, Poster Hewitt's distinctive play-by-play broadcast' of Maple Leaf games had so stirred Toronto's hockey-crazy fans that the Leafs' old rink couldn't hold the crawds. It was the height of the Depres- sion, and it was estimated that a new arena would cost $L5 million. Conn Smythe, the team's en- terprising managing director, 'gambled that he could find the money to build a new sports pal- ace. He found it, construction began on May i, I93h and the Gardens stood completed five months later. The Leafs played their first game on Nov- ember is and carried off their first of many Stan- ley Cups that season. Maple Leaf Gardens takes a fascinating look at the ,personalities and events that have made the Gardens Canada's most famous building. It is~ the interesting story of the building of the Gar- dens and of the hockey greats who have played there. It is also, in many ways, the story of pop- ular entertainment in Canada from i93i to 98i. ,OVer ioo million people have been entertained by ballet, opera, circuses, skating extravaganzas and concerts of all sorts, in addition to almost every kind of sporting event from boxing and tyres- fling tq,. bicycle racing. The arena has also been the site of political and religious rallies, benefits in support of ti e war effort, community events such as Brownie and Boy Scout pageants, and service club fund-raisers. This nostalgic book will remind sports fans of the Leafs' h„~h-scoring Kid Line, of George Chuvalo going the distance with Muhammad Ali or of Vitas Gerulaitas defeating Bjorn Borg. Rock fans will remember attending an Elvis P'resley con- cert, or waiting hours in line for Beatles' tickets. Still others will recall dancing at a Simpson's~ Teen-Town Time dance, or thrilling to a Metro- politan Opera performance of Aida. For those who have not been to the Gardens, it will provide a fun-filled journey down memory lane. Maple Leaf Gardens contains a detailed chronol- ogy of the the history of the Gar• dens for the trivia b~ and is lavishly illustrated with over I75 bl and white, and 22 colours photographs_

"The Beatles 1966 Concert Ticket" - Maple Leaf Gardens - Toronto, Canada August 17, 1966
This is a quality Reproduction Unused Concert Ticket. The full, unused ticket measures 2" x 5" and is for the Maple Leaf Gardens (Toronto, CAN), August 17, 1966 show at 4:00pm. The ticket cost was $4.00 in 1966 and is for East Seating. This ticket is laminated and the back of this ticket is black.

Live: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada

4:00pm, Wednesday 17 August 1966
The sixth date of The Beatles' final tour took place at the Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto. It was their only Canadian stop on the tour.
Two concerts took place. The first took place at 4pm and was seen by 15,000 people, and the second began at 8pm and was attended by 17,000. The Beatles had played at Maple Leaf Gardens on two prior occasions, on 7 September 1964 and 17 August 1965.
Support acts for the tour were The Remains, Bobby Hebb, The Cyrkle and The Ronettes. The Beatles' standard set throughout the tour consisted of 11 songs: Rock And Roll Music, She's A Woman, If I Needed Someone, Day Tripper, Baby's In Black, I Feel Fine, Yesterday, I Wanna Be Your Man, Nowhere Man, Paperback Writer and I'm Down. During the tour they occasionally substituted the final song with Long Tall Sally.

After the show The Beatles spent the night in Toronto before flying to Boston on 18 August 1966.

On August 17th 1966, the Beatles and their entourage flew from Philadelphia to Toronto as the 6th stop along their 1966 North American tour. This was the Beatles' return to Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens, appearing for two performances on this day. The following press conference was held at King Edward Sheraton Hotel between the afternoon and evening concerts. At the time of this press conference, the Beatles' Revolver was the #1 album.
Following their August 17th shows, the Beatles would stay overnight in Toronto, leaving on the afternoon of the 18th for Boston where they would perform for one show at Suffolk Downs.

                                          - Jay Spangler,

TONY BARROW: (yelling) "May we please have quiet before we start with questioning!"
Q: "First question for John. This tremendous enthusiasm of youth, if it were channelled into good causes, would have a tremendous effect. How about the Beatles starting a 'Feed The World's Hungry' fund through the United Nations?"
JOHN: "Well, you know. It's an idea. We can't just say yes or no now."
Q: "And the second positive question -- What are some of the positive elements of Christianity at its best that you feel you can support?"
JOHN: "The basic ideas of Christianity. We suport that."
Q: "Would you recommend them to young people?"
JOHN: "I'd recommend them for anybody. Old people as well, you know."
PAUL: "Especially!"
JOHN: "Especially, yeah."

Bobby Hebb's Concert Performance with The Beatles show

1)Crazy Baby (Bobby Hebb)
2)For You (Van McCoy)
3)Good Good Lovin (Mann/Weil)
4)Got My Mojo Working (Preston Foster, made famous by Muddy Waters)
5)Sunny (Bobby Hebb)
backed up by Barry & The Remains on all songs
The Beatles Set List

Heroes & Legends created an interesting Beatles collectible concerning the Maple Leaf Gardens show

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Paul McCartney at Candlestick Park

The grand finale of Candlestick Park, where Bobby Hebb and the Beatles performed to close-out the Beatles final tour!

Almost 48 years from August 29, 1966, on August 14, 2014 Paul McCartney returned to perform some of the Beatles songs he played "all those years ago." 


Paul McCartney is Candlestick Park's closing act


CANDLESTICK POINT, Calif. — Sir Paul McCartney last played Candlestick Park on Aug. 29, 1966, with some guys named John, George and Ringo.

The Beatles' last concert was at the Stick that afternoon, a tidy 11-song, 35-minute performance largely drowned by the din of screaming teenagers and their admiring parents.

On Thursday night, it was Candlestick's swan song with Sir Paul at the mike. For 2½ hours, he played a mix of songs from his latest album, New, and hits from Wings and The Beatles. The set included songs such as Paperback Writer, Day Tripper and Yesterday from the Candlestick show in 1966. He even trotted out the last song of that show, a cover of Little Richard's Long Tall Sally. 

Let It Be Demolished: Paul McCartney Shuts Down Candlestick Park


San Francisco's Candlestick Park is a perfect American landmark, grand and flawed. It's the former home of Super Bowl champions and World Series victors. Everyone from the Stones to Jay Z have played there. The 1989 earthquake that ravaged the Bay Area and disrupted the A's/Giants series? The nation watched that play out at the 'Stick. The place is ugly, decrepit, remote, freezing—quite possibly the most logistically unfriendly stadium in the country. For all those reasons and more, San Franciscans love the place. Naturally, we're about to tear it down.

First, SF tragically lost one of its favorite sons,

Perfectly Imperfect: Saying Goodbye To Robin William

and on Thursday night, the city, as led by Sir Paul, marked the end of an era with the final anything at Candlestick, before the place is literally blown to bits. McCartney hadn't played there since the last full Beatles concert ever, back in, oh, 1966. It's nearly impossible to make any of this sound more momentous than it already is. But hey, let's try.

Let It Be Demolished: Paul McCartney Shuts Down Candlestick Park


  1. Farewell to Candlestick: Paul McCartney delivers touching ...
    San Jose Mercury News
    by Jim Harrington - 2 days ago - Farewell to Candlestick: Paul McCartney deliver touching goodbye to venue.

    Paul McCartney wanted to savor the moment.

    "This is such a cool event," he said to the 50,000 fans assembled before him at San Francisco's Candlestick Park on Thursday. "I'm just going to take a minute for myself just to drink it all in."
    There was certainly much to absorb, most notably the undeniable sense that we were witnessing history. For this was not just another concert, but rather the final one to ever be performed at the equally storied and maligned venue.
    Paul McCartney performs the final concert and public event at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, Calif., on Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014. The park was the home for the San Francisco Giants and 49ers and it was the last venue for the Beatles to perform a concert together in Aug. 29, 1966. The grand finale ...

Hebb/Beatles tour Day 4 and Day 5 1966 / August 15 - Washington DC / August 16 Pennsylvania

Watch the Beatles in 1966 in Philadelphia
August 16, 2014  "I Feel Fine"

The Beatles live at JFK Stadium August 16,1966 Philadelphia, Pa.

Published on Aug 16, 2013
20:04 seconds from the Beatles concert I attended on August 16, 1966 . About 10 seconds of "I Feel Fine" . To the best of my knowledge , it is the only film in existence of this particular show. George & his White socks was the topic of the week following the show. No One wore white socks in the summer of 66....but George did & he flaunted them , making a firm statement about the perception of what cool is & being a nonconformist.
Beatles' Set List in Philadelphia 8/16/66
7 show in 5 days

5TH STOP, 7th Show / August 16, 1966 BEATLES at JFK ...
Aug 17, 2013 - ... Sh
ow on the Tour Beatles, The Cyrkle, The Ronettes, Bobby Hebb and The Remains! J.F.K. Stadium, Philadelphia - August 16, 1966

August 15, 1966 Washington DC, 6th Beatles' Show, 4th date

Bobby Hebb with the Beatles in 1966
Day 4
Show #6
Washington DC 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 14, 1966 Bobby Hebb and the Beatles in Cleveland

Live: Cleveland Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio

After the concert The Beatles stayed in Cleveland. The following day they flew to Washington, DC.

Cleveland Stadium, also known as Lakefront Stadium and Cleveland Municipal Stadium, was normally used for baseball and American football matches. It was demolished in 1995 and the Cleveland Browns Stadium was built on the site.

The Beatles in Cleveland 

The Beatles in Cleveland: Memories, Facts and Photos about the Notorious 1964 and 1966 Concerts

  • Dave Schwensen,
  • Bill Harry (Foreword by) 
  • Overview

    For teenagers, the world changed when Ed Sullivan introduced The Beatles. The 1964 Beatles’ tour filled auditoriums with screams of delight, excitement, and full-blown fan hysteria. This was the case in Cleveland, Ohio, where police stopped the show, ordered the Beatles off the stage, and banned them from the city. In August 1966, the group launched their final tour, but the innocence from two years earlier was missing as controversy over John Lennon's remarks about Christianity made safety more of a concern than ever before. A scheduling change brought them to Cleveland Stadium where thousands of fans crashed through police. It was obvious The Beatles could no longer be protected. The Beatles In Cleveland brings to life two of the wildest concerts in Beatles history. Catch the excitement through eyewitness accounts and never-before published photos.

    Product Details

    • ISBN-13: 9780979103001
    • Publisher: North Shore Publishing OH
    • Publication date: 4/22/2007
    • Pages: 188
    • Sales rank: 0


Meet author Dave Schwensen at
The 2014 Chicago Fest For Beatles Fans!!
Hyatt Regency O'Hare
Friday, August 15 at 5:30 pm - Grand Ballroom
Saturday, August 16 at 9 pm - The Abbey Ballroom
Sunday, August 17 at 4:15 pm - The O'Hare Ballroom
Makin' The '60s Fab will be presented on Saturday at 9 pm!!

For program information visit

 Author Dave Schwensen interviewed Bobby Hebb for this book and was kind enough to give us the audio of the interview!

Friday, November 07, 2008

August 14, 1966 - Municipal Stadium, Cleveland

Taped: Sunday 14 August 1966

Two sets to 20,000 fans. When 2,500 fans got into the arena area, the show was stopped midway through a performance of "Day Tripper," and The Beatles retired backstage for about 20 minutes until order was restored.

Radio station KLUE in Longview, Texas, was taken off the air the day after their Beatles records bonfire when a lightning bolt struck their transmission tower, destroying electronic equipment and knocking their news director unconscious.
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A clear, 3 x 4 inch by 1/4 inch thick, plastic holder containing an actual piece of wood taken from a salvaged wood seat from Cleveland Stadium. The seat was there on 14 August, 1966 when thousands Beatles fans watched them perform in concert. This also has an actual film frame showing the Beatles performing on stage during their 1964 movie "A Hard Day's Night." This display comes with a free display stand and laminated COA cards on both the wood section and the film frame. We cannot give you a big piece of seat/wood at this price. However, it is a real piece of seat and real piece of film, all at a very special price.

Now you can own a piece of early Beatles history from a 1966 Beatles concert. Here's your chance to get both a vintage Beatles item and a real piece of Beatles history at the same time. Ideal for display at home or work. Unique and well received as gifts for all special occasions.

The Beatles performed at the Cleveland Municipal Stadium on August 14, 1966. This was the last tour the B

eatles ever did and only the 2nd time they performed in Cleveland as they were banned by the mayor of Cleveland for their 1965 tour after the near riot that happened during t stop in '64.

Cleveland Municipal Stadium opened in 1931 as the home of the NFL Cleveland Browns and MLB Cleveland Indians. In addition to sporting events the stadium hosted a number of other events including many memorable concerts including The Beatles in 1966 and two concerts in 1984 by The Jacksons. It also hosted the rock festival "The World Series Of Rock" from 1974-80 which featured many big name acts such as Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones. It also hosted the Inaugural Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Concert in September 1995. It closed it's doors in December 1995.


This beautiful high quality print has been reproduced for this classic Cleveland area concert. The print size is 11" X 17" in dimension and is in brand new, mint condition. This poster is a great piece of art for any media room, rec room, office, or den. 

Oral history of Beatles at Candlestick - final night of the tour, August 29, 2014
Last month, The Big Event and the San Francisco Chronicle started searching for readers who went to the Aug. 29, 1966, The Beatles show at Candlestick Park. The concert, the last commercial show for the Beatles, is arguably the most famous musical event in Bay Area history.
More than three dozen came forward, many with heartfelt and funny stories. Some are returning to see Paul McCartney’s Farewell to Candlestick event this Thursday.
Aidin Vaziri, editor Sue Adolphson and I put together a very cool package in today’s Sunday Datebook about the 1966 show, filling the Pink section with trivia, a set list, images by rock photographer Jim Marshall and memories from several fans who were there.

Below is a longer oral history of the event with more of their words and less of mine. 

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Ron Howard Beatles Documentary / Bobby Hebb Live in Detroit August 13, 1966

Here's our Beatles/Bobby Hebb post from 2013 
In Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens on 
August 17, 2014, Bobby performed 5 songs. They are listed here

Bobby Hebb's Concert Performance with The Beatles show

1)Crazy Baby (Bobby Hebb)
2)For You (Van McCoy)
3)Good Good Lovin (Mann/Weil)
4)Got My Mojo Working (Preston Foster), made famous by Muddy Waters
5)Sunny (Bobby Hebb)
After performing a Preston Foster' song (made famous by Muddy Waters) entitled "Got My Mojo Working", Bobby Hebb says to the crowd "Thank you very much. This is a song you made possible..." and when Barry Tashian and The Remains begin the opening chords there's pandemonium from the audience on a scale equal to the response The Beatles were receiving. Of all the opening acts on the bill, only Bobby Hebb had the timing perfect - his song riding the top of the charts just as he's touring with The Fab Four, and his uptempo creation with its good-feel modulation and extended vamp here, as superb a daylight as if The Beatles themselves were singing “Good Day Sunshine”, the song McCartney say was inspired by listening to The Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Daydream”. That the song has snow-balled since garnering that applause equal to John, Paul, George and Ringo – probably a thousand covers 44 years after its first recordings in 1965 (vibraphonist Dave Pike in America, Mieko “Miko” Hirota in Japan…songs recorded before Jerry Ross produced Bobby’s hit version) - indicates that Hebb could write a song on par with John and Paul and without the Beatles machine behind it to launch it; but a song that could benefit The Beatles tour and stand on the same platform as “Yesterday”, “Let It Be”, “Revolution” and “Day In The Life”.
Bobby Hebb's Concert Performance with The Beatles show

1)Crazy Baby (Bobby Hebb)
2)For You (Van McCoy)
3)Good Good Lovin (Mann/Weil)
4)Got My Mojo Working  (Preston Foster)
5)Sunny (Bobby Hebb)
Beatles Photos
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August 13, 1966. The Beatles. Detroit's Olympia Stadium. I Was There!

Posted: Updated:
So when my friend Gail told me that her uncle, who owned a parking lot near Olympia Stadium, had managed to get his hands on a pair of tickets to the Beatles sold-out show on August 13, , I was over-the-moon thrilled. I was a serious piano student, and my parents took me often to see the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. But the Beatles weren't Beethoven. This, I knew, would be very different.
So what do I actually remember about that long-ago show, 47 years ago?

Live: Olympia Stadium, Detroit

The second date of The Beatles' final North American tour saw them perform two shows, at 2pm and 7pm, before a total of 28,000 fans at Detroit's Olympia Stadium. They had previously performed at the venue on 6 September 1964.
The Beatles arrived in Detroit at 11am, and left by Greyhound bus immediately after their second show. Their destination was Cleveland, Ohio, where they arrived at 2.30am the following morning.

Stations say NO to Beatles discs

NEW YORK — The radio ban against playing Beatles’ records, which was begun last week by Tommy Charles and Doug Layton, WAQY, Birmingham, Alabama, has spread across the country, with dozens of stations refusing to program or play recordings by the British group.



Ron Howard to direct Beatles concert documentary

By Todd Leopold, CNN
updated 7:52 AM EDT, Thu July 17, 2014

Apple Corps, the Beatles' business organization, and director Ron Howard are teaming up for a documentary on the Fab Four's touring years, according to a statement released by the principals.

Are these songs British or American?

Beatles photographer shares iconic pics

Ringo Starr and the British Invasion

The film will chronicle the rise of Beatlemania, which coincided with the group's relentless touring of England, continental Europe, North America and parts of Asia from 1964 to 1966 -- a punishing schedule of frantic audiences, challenging security and occasional political difficulties that eventually prompted the group to withdraw to the studio, with small exceptions, until its 1970 breakup.

Among the group's trailblazing concerts were the New York Shea Stadium shows in 1965 and 1966, a performance at Tokyo's Nippon Budokan in 1966 and a show at San Francisco's Candlestick Park in 1966 -- the group's final American concert.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 12, 1966 Chicago, Bobby Hebb & The Beatles performed two shows at the start of the tour!

Bobby was right handed, not left-handed
someone reversed the photo on this 45 RPM
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August 12, 2013  is #2 in page views! today!

This year we are exploring other articles we haven't looked at before regarding this historically significant tour


Fri, August 12th, 1966  The Beatles perform two shows at the International Amphitheatre in Chicago, Illinois. This is the first stop on what will turn out to be The Beatles' final US tour. Support acts are the Remains, Bobby Hebb, the Cyrkle, and the Ronettes. Although they'd just released a new album, The Beatles didn't bother rehearsing any new songs, using the same repertoire as they'd used on their tour of West Germany, Japan, and the Philippines.


1966, The Beatles performed two shows at the International Amphitheatre in Chicago, Illinois. This was the first stop on what would turn out to be The Beatles’ final US tour. Support acts were the Remains, Bobby Hebb, Cyrkle, and the Ronettes.
1967, The Jimi Hendrix Experience appeared at The Ambassador Theatre, Washington D.C.

Photos of the stadium

CONCERT TOUR BOOK on eBay from 1966 ________________________
by Greg Kot

The Beatles at the Chicago Amphitheatre

The Beatles' Chicago debut must have been a blur for John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr; on their first major North American tour, the quartet would travel 22,000 miles in 29 grueling days. But for their fans in that first summer of Beatlemania in America, it was a thrill they would never forget.
A few hours after their 4:30 p.m. landing on this date at Midway Airport--where a crowd of 5,000 greeted them-- the Beatles performed a concert at the International Amphitheatre typical of their whirlwind visit.

For $30,000, they played 34 minutes to a screaming audience that made the effortless melodies and lovelorn lyrics of the 11 songs--from "I Want to Hold Your Hand" to "Can't Buy Me Love"--virtually an afterthought.
about the 
Chicago International Amphitheater

On September 5, 1964 and August 12, 1966, The Beatles performed at the Amphitheatre. The 1966 show was the first show on their last tour.

Ticket from a night before the end of the tour

Days in the Life
Chapter One

Luckily they had an entire month at home to recuperate before heading to the States for another concert tour, starting with a show at the International Amphitheater here in Chicago on August 12th. . .for which I had acquired a ticket the minute they went on sale weeks earlier. There was no way I was going to miss seeing them again like I had back in ‘64, and that little slip of paper with second-row seats listed in black ink guaranteed me another close-up glimpse of my idols. I was even going to bring Claire with, but my mother balked at the idea. Claire was furious that my mother wouldn’t let her go to the show. But there was little I could do about that once I bought that five-dollar slip of paper; come hell or high water, I was going to see the Beatles live and in person again!

  1. (Chuck Berry cover)
  2. (Little Richard cover)

Where were the Beatles just a month earlier in July?   Try MANILA!

The Rolling Stones have a bootleg from a performance at this venue,1159412,1901292

Here's an intriguing eBay item

This is a yellow vinyl LP containing interviews with members of the Beatles made during their 1966 USA Tour. Interviewer is Ken Douglass. Ownership of this material was originally donated to "Ring Around The Pops", a
Braille Quarterly published in Louisville, KY.  Original pressings were used for various fund-raising efforts by
the School for the Blind in Louisville. 

Contents:  Side 1:                       Contents: Side 2:
1. John-Religion and Movies        1. Paul-Impressions
2. Paul-Songwriting                     2. Jim Stagg-Tour Planning
3. Ringo-Home Life                     3. Jim Stagg-Beatle Hobbies
4. George-Hamburg Beginnings   4. Jim Stagg-Future Plans

The original pressings of this LP were on thick black vinyl.  This yellow vinyl re-issue, as well as red and blue 
copies, turned up in Nashville in the mid-80s and soon disappeared.  
I found several boxes  unclaimed in a pressing plant in about 1988.  I now have less than 25 copies to sell.
They are 100% new & unplayed, have never been in any shop or collection.  I put them in white (no-hole) 
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Buyer will receive an additional Beatle item as a free bonus.  
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The Beatles Live Anthology Vol 3 USA Tour of America 1965-1966

2 CD set
Brand New!

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