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Eve of August 12, 48th Anniversary of Beatles Final Tour, Ringo-less Beatles Rare Photo up for Auction

The Beatles' 1966 US tour

Forty-Eighth Anniversary of Bobby Hebb/Beatles tour
Beatles Final Tour August 12, 1966 - 2014

The Beatles' 1966 US tour

The Beatles' 1966 USA Tour
Tour by The Beatles
Start date 12 August 1966
End date 29 August 1966
Legs 1
Shows 19

 Bobby Talks about the Beatles tour with

Q - How did you get the tour with The Beatles? Were you approached by Brian Epstein?

A - No. Sid Bernstein. That's who did that. Sid did that for me.

Q - Where did you go with The Beatles?

A - The U.S. tour. The last tour that they made. We opened up in Chicago and I think we ended in 'Frisco.

Q - How were you received by The Beatles audience? Were they screaming for The Beatles?

A - Oh, no. They listened to me.

Q - That's impressive.

A - Well, that was one of the highlights of my entire career, to have 50,000 people there and actually being heard. I loved the audience. They loved me very much and I'm very happy over that. That was one of the greatest things that I felt during my whole career.

Q - Had you ever performed before 50,000 people before?

A - Not 50,000, but with Roy Acuff And The Smokey Mountain Boys, there were some large crowds of people.

Q - How did touring with The Beatles help your career?

A - Well, it gave me a little encouragement and motivation on things that I thought I needed to do to continue correctly, even though I wasn't as strong as I wanted to become in certain areas. But once again, no one would listen to me. They wanted me to do what John Doe was doing.

Q - You can never be like the next guy.

A - That's true. That's an old Biblical statement there. Did so and so die for you? You must be yourself.

Q - What did you follow up "Sunny" with?

A - "A Satisfied Mind".

Q - After The Beatles tour, you went on tour with who?

A - Gary Lewis And The Playboys. And I did something with Gary four or five years ago. I'm a good friend of Gary's. He's always been a hard worker. I did something with Chuck Jackson. The Temptations.  

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The Beatles' 'rare pic' without Ringo Starr set for auction

August 11, 2014

London, Aug 11 (ANI): The Beatles rare picture including John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Pete Best and excluding Ringo Starr is up for sale that could fetch around 1,000 pounds. 

The picture, taken at Liverpool's Cavern Club 1961 was clicked a year before Pete Best was replaced by Ringo Starr, the Mirror reported.

A look at the International Amphitheater of Chicago  (photo from Wikipedia) - the first stop of the Bobby Hebb / Beatles Tour 

August 12, 1966
International Amphitheatre.jpg
Location 4220 South Halsted Street
Chicago, Illinois 60609
Opened 1934
Closed 1999
Demolished August 3, 1999 (began)
Owner Union Stock Yard and Transit Company (until 1983)
Construction cost $1.5 million
($26.4 million in 2014 dollars[1])
Capacity 9,000
Chicago Packers (NBA) (1961-62)
Chicago Bulls (NBA) (1966-67)
Chicago Cougars (WHA) (1972-75)
Loyola-Chicago (1984-87).
The International Amphitheatre

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