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Bobby Hebb in the news

  1. Popsongs und Jazz begeistern Besucher

    Mittelbayerische-Jul 29, 2014
    Mit dem größten Hit des US-amerikanischen Sängers und Songwriters Bobby HebbSunny“ aus dem Jahr 1966 eröffnete Andrea Feldmeier im ...

Happy Birthday

The biggest hit of the US-American singer and songwriter Bobby Hebb "Sunny" from the 1966 field Andrea Meier opened the concert in the packed engine shed. It followed then famous titles such as "Fields of barly" by Sting and the wistful love song "The closest thing to crazy" in which Katie Melua describes the madness of love.

Andrea Meier sings field also since 2008 when Heinrich-Schütz-Ensemble Passau and has participated in many competitions and trips abroad, the last led at Easter to Sri Lanka. From 2010 to 2012, she made ​​a private study in pop and jazz singing with Lucy Frank, one of the most famous jazz singers of Regensburg. She is currently completing a study of pop and jazz choral conducting at the Federal College Wolfenbüttel.

Host and hostess Monika Frank was also called her husband Gerd welcome visitors and was glad "that so many have found their way here." Whether the sweltering heat they gave them the tip: "If you hold very still, you can endure it." During the break, the guests had a dip in the cool garden with a glass of wine or water.

Game room: Sun and with his classic sunny love Bobby Hebb made music history in 1966. Hebb, 2010, at the age...

  1. Radio-Tipps für Sonntag, 3. August 1, 2014
    Spielräume: Sonne und Liebe Bobby Hebb hat mit seinem Klassiker Sunny im Jahr 1966 Musikgeschichte geschrieben. Hebb, 2010, im Alter ...

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