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SUNNY 103.1 FM article on Bryan Adams SUNNY cover of Bobby Hebb

Bryan Adams Returning with Covers Album, "The Tracks of My Years"

Adams says: " "Making the selection of the songs for the album took a long time," Adams says in a statement, noting that the process spanned three months of recording spread out over two years.  "We recorded all kinds of songs until the songs sort of presented themselves, or sounded different enough from the originals." 

Noting the diversity of the songs on the project, Bryan explains, "Radio was king when I was a teenager.  You'd hear Paul McCartney's 'Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey’ straight into 'Kiss and Say Goodbye' by The Manhattans.  Radio didn't discriminate back then."

Among the songs the Canadian singer covers on The Tracks of My Years: Bob Dylan's "Lay Lady Lady," The Beatles' "Any Time at All," The Beach Boys' "God Only Knows,"The Association's "Never My Love," Chuck Berry's "Rock and Roll Music" and the aforementioned song by The Manhattans.
The Tracks of My Years is due out this fall; the release date is not yet final, but it'll be sometime in either September or October.

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Ringo Starr in the news Plus, Our Top 10 "Sunny" by Bryan Adams hits #1 in our page views this week!

Bobby Hebb's good friend Ringo from
THE BEATLES making headlines today.

Of course, it helps if you happen to be Ringo Starr, a living part of rock and roll history and former member of that “other” band. No, not Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, as Ringo joked to the Cynthia Woods Pavilion audience on Friday night, that other, other band; the long-haired (for the time) four-piece band that changed the face of rock and roll, popular music, and pop culture in general.
Ringo isn't really on tour to make money and promote a new record. He’s more concerned with just being Ringo and sharing music and his life-long philosophy of peace and love. You've got to admire this, especially from someone who could be tuned out and relaxing on his own personal island, counting his money for the rest of his days without a care in the world.
Ringo isn't on this quest alone. He brought a group of friends along who've written their own pages of rock and roll history. Ringo Starr’s All Star Band is a revolving line-up of legendary musicians who've joined him on tour to help spread the word of peace, love, and the simple joy of music. The 2014 line-up of the All Starr Band includes Steve Lukather from Toto, Gregg Rolie, one of the founding members of Santana and Journey, legendary musician, songwriter, record producer, and recording engineer Todd Rundgren, founder and lead singer of Mr. Mister, Richard PageWarren Ham from the bands Bloodrock and AD, and Gregg Bissonette, who among others has played with David Lee Roth.

FRANKIE VALLI in the New England area

November 5 in Worcester

Peter Noone's birthday!

The first album on Valli's site

Romancing the Sixties (2007) has a new rendition of "Sunny"

Frankie's "Timeless" CD from the 60's was also re-released and has his original version of "Sunny" with different lyrics
SELECTED SOLO WORKS  The Frankie Valli Boxed Set



Saturday, November 1
 Bangor Maine - Cross Insurance Center
Sunday, November 2
 Mohegan Sun Casino
Wednesday, November 5
 Worcester MA - Hanover Theatre


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Bryan Adams tracks "SUNNY"


Hear a clip on AMAZON.com

Bryan Adams "Sunny" now up on iTunes

Published on Sep 18, 2014

The new album "Tracks Of My Years" by Bryan Adams due 

out on September 30th is available for pre-order now: 

Hear a bit of "Sunny" 1:38 in on this video

Bryan Adams - Tracks Of My Years Medley


Notice that there are 5 bonus tracks, but "Sunny" is one of the key 11 tracks, #9


Bryan Adams "Sunny" now up on iTunes

 Adams must have grown up listening to the Canadian equivalent of WAMS. He’s far from the first artist of his time to release an album of personally inspirational and/or influential songs, but “Tracks of My Years” might be one of the most musically diverse collections of its kind. Classic rock artists like the Beatles (“Any Time At All”), the Beach Boys (“God Only Knows), Creedence Clearwater Revival (and Bob Dylan (“Lay Lady Lay”) are represented, but so are more obscure (by today’s standards) acts like the aforementioned Manhattans (“Kiss and Say Goodbye”), the Association (“Never My Love”), and Bobby Hebb (“Sunny”). The deluxe edition features five additional (and even more eclectic) tracks, including covers of Muddy Waters by way of Led Zeppelin (“You Shook Me”), Jimmy Cliff (“Many Rivers to Cross”), and Eddie Cochran (“C'mon Everybody”).
“Making the selection of the songs for the album took a long time” Adams says. “We recorded all kinds of songs until the songs sort of presented themselves, or sounded different enough from the originals. We did about three months of recording, spread out over the course of two years.”

Scandal - new season #4 with "SUNNY" as the opening song

Bobby Hebb's ORIGINAL "Sunny" opens SCANDAL, 9/25/14 on ABC TV



Promo for Scandal
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21xKLkfEJZw Trailer (not "Sunny" just an advertisement for the show

After Show buzz review:


Get ready Gladiators, because Scandal's season 4 premiere has been announced for THURSDAY SEPT 25 9|8c on ABC! In case you've forgotten, when we last saw Olivia Pope, she was on a one-way plane to a new life with Jakeat her side.