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August 14, 1966 Bobby Hebb and the Beatles in Cleveland

Live: Cleveland Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio

After the concert The Beatles stayed in Cleveland. The following day they flew to Washington, DC.

Cleveland Stadium, also known as Lakefront Stadium and Cleveland Municipal Stadium, was normally used for baseball and American football matches. It was demolished in 1995 and the Cleveland Browns Stadium was built on the site.

The Beatles in Cleveland 

The Beatles in Cleveland: Memories, Facts and Photos about the Notorious 1964 and 1966 Concerts

  • Dave Schwensen,
  • Bill Harry (Foreword by) 
  • Overview

    For teenagers, the world changed when Ed Sullivan introduced The Beatles. The 1964 Beatles’ tour filled auditoriums with screams of delight, excitement, and full-blown fan hysteria. This was the case in Cleveland, Ohio, where police stopped the show, ordered the Beatles off the stage, and banned them from the city. In August 1966, the group launched their final tour, but the innocence from two years earlier was missing as controversy over John Lennon's remarks about Christianity made safety more of a concern than ever before. A scheduling change brought them to Cleveland Stadium where thousands of fans crashed through police. It was obvious The Beatles could no longer be protected. The Beatles In Cleveland brings to life two of the wildest concerts in Beatles history. Catch the excitement through eyewitness accounts and never-before published photos.

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    • ISBN-13: 9780979103001
    • Publisher: North Shore Publishing OH
    • Publication date: 4/22/2007
    • Pages: 188
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 Author Dave Schwensen interviewed Bobby Hebb for this book and was kind enough to give us the audio of the interview!

Friday, November 07, 2008

August 14, 1966 - Municipal Stadium, Cleveland

Taped: Sunday 14 August 1966

Two sets to 20,000 fans. When 2,500 fans got into the arena area, the show was stopped midway through a performance of "Day Tripper," and The Beatles retired backstage for about 20 minutes until order was restored.

Radio station KLUE in Longview, Texas, was taken off the air the day after their Beatles records bonfire when a lightning bolt struck their transmission tower, destroying electronic equipment and knocking their news director unconscious.
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A clear, 3 x 4 inch by 1/4 inch thick, plastic holder containing an actual piece of wood taken from a salvaged wood seat from Cleveland Stadium. The seat was there on 14 August, 1966 when thousands Beatles fans watched them perform in concert. This also has an actual film frame showing the Beatles performing on stage during their 1964 movie "A Hard Day's Night." This display comes with a free display stand and laminated COA cards on both the wood section and the film frame. We cannot give you a big piece of seat/wood at this price. However, it is a real piece of seat and real piece of film, all at a very special price.

Now you can own a piece of early Beatles history from a 1966 Beatles concert. Here's your chance to get both a vintage Beatles item and a real piece of Beatles history at the same time. Ideal for display at home or work. Unique and well received as gifts for all special occasions.

The Beatles performed at the Cleveland Municipal Stadium on August 14, 1966. This was the last tour the B

eatles ever did and only the 2nd time they performed in Cleveland as they were banned by the mayor of Cleveland for their 1965 tour after the near riot that happened during t stop in '64.

Cleveland Municipal Stadium opened in 1931 as the home of the NFL Cleveland Browns and MLB Cleveland Indians. In addition to sporting events the stadium hosted a number of other events including many memorable concerts including The Beatles in 1966 and two concerts in 1984 by The Jacksons. It also hosted the rock festival "The World Series Of Rock" from 1974-80 which featured many big name acts such as Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones. It also hosted the Inaugural Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Concert in September 1995. It closed it's doors in December 1995.


This beautiful high quality print has been reproduced for this classic Cleveland area concert. The print size is 11" X 17" in dimension and is in brand new, mint condition. This poster is a great piece of art for any media room, rec room, office, or den. 

Oral history of Beatles at Candlestick - final night of the tour, August 29, 2014
Last month, The Big Event and the San Francisco Chronicle started searching for readers who went to the Aug. 29, 1966, The Beatles show at Candlestick Park. The concert, the last commercial show for the Beatles, is arguably the most famous musical event in Bay Area history.
More than three dozen came forward, many with heartfelt and funny stories. Some are returning to see Paul McCartney’s Farewell to Candlestick event this Thursday.
Aidin Vaziri, editor Sue Adolphson and I put together a very cool package in today’s Sunday Datebook about the 1966 show, filling the Pink section with trivia, a set list, images by rock photographer Jim Marshall and memories from several fans who were there.

Below is a longer oral history of the event with more of their words and less of mine. 

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