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Paul McCartney at Candlestick Park

The grand finale of Candlestick Park, where Bobby Hebb and the Beatles performed to close-out the Beatles final tour!

Almost 48 years from August 29, 1966, on August 14, 2014 Paul McCartney returned to perform some of the Beatles songs he played "all those years ago." 


Paul McCartney is Candlestick Park's closing act


CANDLESTICK POINT, Calif. — Sir Paul McCartney last played Candlestick Park on Aug. 29, 1966, with some guys named John, George and Ringo.

The Beatles' last concert was at the Stick that afternoon, a tidy 11-song, 35-minute performance largely drowned by the din of screaming teenagers and their admiring parents.

On Thursday night, it was Candlestick's swan song with Sir Paul at the mike. For 2½ hours, he played a mix of songs from his latest album, New, and hits from Wings and The Beatles. The set included songs such as Paperback Writer, Day Tripper and Yesterday from the Candlestick show in 1966. He even trotted out the last song of that show, a cover of Little Richard's Long Tall Sally. 

Let It Be Demolished: Paul McCartney Shuts Down Candlestick Park


San Francisco's Candlestick Park is a perfect American landmark, grand and flawed. It's the former home of Super Bowl champions and World Series victors. Everyone from the Stones to Jay Z have played there. The 1989 earthquake that ravaged the Bay Area and disrupted the A's/Giants series? The nation watched that play out at the 'Stick. The place is ugly, decrepit, remote, freezing—quite possibly the most logistically unfriendly stadium in the country. For all those reasons and more, San Franciscans love the place. Naturally, we're about to tear it down.

First, SF tragically lost one of its favorite sons,

Perfectly Imperfect: Saying Goodbye To Robin William

and on Thursday night, the city, as led by Sir Paul, marked the end of an era with the final anything at Candlestick, before the place is literally blown to bits. McCartney hadn't played there since the last full Beatles concert ever, back in, oh, 1966. It's nearly impossible to make any of this sound more momentous than it already is. But hey, let's try.

Let It Be Demolished: Paul McCartney Shuts Down Candlestick Park


  1. Farewell to Candlestick: Paul McCartney delivers touching ...
    San Jose Mercury News
    by Jim Harrington - 2 days ago - Farewell to Candlestick: Paul McCartney deliver touching goodbye to venue.

    Paul McCartney wanted to savor the moment.

    "This is such a cool event," he said to the 50,000 fans assembled before him at San Francisco's Candlestick Park on Thursday. "I'm just going to take a minute for myself just to drink it all in."
    There was certainly much to absorb, most notably the undeniable sense that we were witnessing history. For this was not just another concert, but rather the final one to ever be performed at the equally storied and maligned venue.
    Paul McCartney performs the final concert and public event at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, Calif., on Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014. The park was the home for the San Francisco Giants and 49ers and it was the last venue for the Beatles to perform a concert together in Aug. 29, 1966. The grand finale ...

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