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SUMMER 1966: "Sunny" by Bobby Hebb Written by Gunda Bartels

SUMMER 1966: "Sunny" by Bobby Hebb

A summer hit, carrying the sun in the text as in the title. An evergreen, which is one of the most covered pop songs of the last century. Boring? Of motion. Not when it comes to the wonderful song "Sunny" by Bobby Hepp. I own a lot in duplicate - two great samplers that appeared a few years ago at Roof Music. And whenever I listen to it to me, the same thing happens. I sum with, will easily'll be glad, and at some point I find myself thinking: "Hey, what's coming next, probably for a great song"

Well, what is there already big come on a "Sunny" samplers, "Sunny".
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But because there is no "Sunny" are alike, which are mixed cleverly vocal and instrumental versions, Wilson Pickett makes a bluesy sigh it, Leonard - Mr. Spock - Leonard Nimoy a curious country song and Nancy Wilson an elegant swing number, the 1966 published song shows no wear effect. Cher, Dusty Springfield, Paul Kuhn, Boney M., Stevie Wonder, Cro - the delicate melancholy rotating in radiant sunniness soul classics she enlightens all. Just wanted to that of 2010 in his hometown of Nashville late Bobby Hebb: he has "Sunny" written in 1963, to twist the grief of two deaths - the John F. Kennedy and his older brother, who died in a knife. "Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain." And tomorrow there will perhaps be the same again. And if so. There is only one life and only this summer.    

Written by Gunda Bartels

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