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AYO singing "Sunny" from the A.R.T.E boxed set

AYO performing "Sunny"

Nino Tempo and April Stevens covered "Sunny" on "All Strung Out Over You"


A1 You'll Be Needing Me Baby
A2 Help You To See
A3 All Strung Out
A4 Follow Me
A5 Little Child
A6 Alone Alone
B1 Sunny
B2 Out Of Nowhere
B3 Wings Of Love
B4 I Can't Go On Living (Without You Baby)
B5 Bye Bye Blues
B6 The Habit Of Lovin' You Baby

Interestingly, Jerry Riopell(e) and Nino Tempo were both affiliates of Phil Spector. Riopelle had previously produced Bonnie & the Treasures' great "Home of the Brave" for Phi-Dan, which Spector tried to claim credit for after an alternate version by Jody Miller came out on Capitol around the same time.

Apparently Spector had wanted to recruit a small army of in-house producers for the label, but Riopelle was the only one he ever got around to actually signing:


A1         Sunny
    Written-By – Bobby Hebb    5:37   
A2         Alfie
    Written-By – Bacharach And David     4:20   
A3         Goodbye
    Piano – Gordon Jenkins     3:02   
A4         Wish You Were Here
    Written-By – Harold Rome     4:13   
A5         I Am That I Am
    Written-By – Percy James     3:09   
B1         Sunrise, Sunset
    Written-By – Jerry Bock, Sheldon Harnick     3:48   
B2         Invitation
    Written-By – Bronislau Kaper, Paul Francis Webster     6:00   
B3         The More I See You
    Written-By – Harry Warren Mack Gordon     2:37   
B4         The Sound Of Music
    Written-By – Oscar Hammerstein 2nd, Richard Rodgers     8:05


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Tour Ends 14th Stop, 19th Show - Bobby Hebb and the Beatles

Bobby Hebb on WHERE THE ACTION IS on August 29, 1966
 Bobby Hebb - "Sunny" and "Bread."
The Uniques - "All These Things" and "You Ain't Tuff."
Keith Allison - "Catch the Wind."
Tina Mason and Steve Alaimo - "Let It Be Me" duet. 

Season 2 Episode 250

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Aug 29, 1966 on ABC

01. 00:00 "Rock and Roll Music"
02. 01:39 "She's a Woman"
03. 04:52 "If I Needed Someone"
04. 07:52 "Day Tripper"
05. 10:58 "Baby's In Black"
06. 13:43 "I Feel Fine"
This show was almost cancelled. If it hadn't been for the promoter's threats they weren't going to do it. Didn't matter if they were sloppy, we couldn't hear it anyway. Side point when we arrived at the stadium there were flyers that said "The Monkees Are Coming. Openers Bobby Hebb, Canibal and The Headhunters and The Circle! I still have my program and ticket!

From the ticket blog:
Candlestick Park, San Francisco - August 29, 1966

The Beatles' last live show

"Twenty-four thousand screaming fans couldn't be wrong. But what they didn't realize on that late August evening was that the Beatles didn't want to be there, that the band couldn't hear itself enough to sing on-key, and that this would be the last Beatles concert ever." 

Live: Candlestick Park, San Francisco: The Beatles' final concert

8.00pm, Monday 29 August 1966 (47 years ago) 


Big Rick Stuart

Afternoons 1pm - 7pm

5) Popular New York Girl Group The Ronettes were on the opening bill as well as The Cyrkle famous for their hit "Red Rubber Ball", The Remains a garage rock band from Boston, and Bobby Hebb who sang his hit "Sunny" on a cold night at Candlestick Park.


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13th stop, 18th show Bobby Hebb at Dodgers Stadium with The Beatles

YOUTUBE footage from the event 47 years ago



The support acts for the concert were The Remains, Bobby Hebb, The Cyrkle and The Ronettes. The Beatles performed a set consisted of 11 songs: Rock And Roll Music, She's A Woman, If I Needed Someone, Day Tripper, Baby's In Black, I Feel Fine, Yesterday, I Wanna Be Your Man, Nowhere Man, Paperback Writer and Long Tall Sally.
In 1966 the road was getting pretty boring and it was also coming to the end for me. Nobody was listening at the shows. That was OK at the beginning, but it got that we were playing really bad, and the reason I joined The Beatles was because they were the best band in Liverpool. I always wanted to play with good players. That was what it was all about. First and foremost, we were musicians: singers, writers, performers. Where we ended up on a huge crazy pedestal was not really in my plan. My plan was to keep playing great music. But it was obvious to us that the touring had to end soon, because it wasn't working any more. On the last tour of America the most exciting thing was meeting people who came to the shows, not the shows themselves. We'd played the stadiums, we'd played to the big crowds, and still we were only doing our thirty-minute show!
Article from 2 years ago

In 1966, the Beatles brought a whole new ballgame to Dodger Stadium


Forty-five years ago, the band played before 45,000 screaming fans in Chavez Ravine. It lasted a half-hour, it was the next-to-last concert they ever played — but those who were there recall it vividly.






THE BEATLES SUFFOLK DOWNS CONCERT TICKET ~ AUGUST 18th 1966 Great Condition and includes a Letter  of Authenticity: Gerald Robert's Validation Statement. Gerald Robert produced the Beatles Suffolk Down Concert with his partner Frank Connelly. 

New McDonald's ad with Bobby singing "Sunny"

McDonald's new "SUNNY" advertisement with Bobby Hebb singing!

McDonald's 'Frappes Convertible' TV Ad

Sunny hits #1 in America in Cashbox, August 27, 1966 47 years ago today

"SUNNY" by Bobby Hebb hits #1  8/27/66

Aug 13, 1966Summer In The City   -   Lovin' Spoonful
Aug 20, 1966Summer In The City   -   Lovin' Spoonful
Aug 27, 1966Sunny   -   Bobby Hebb
Sep 3, 1966Sunshine Superman   -   Donovan
Sep 10, 1966Yellow Submarine   -   Beatles

The Beatles and Bobby Hebb had two days in a row off from the tour.

August 27, 1966 Bobby Hebb hit #1 in Cashbox and The Beatles were on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post

Magazine goes for $75.00 on Amazon

Last two shows coming up:

Dodger's Stadium  August 28, 1966

Candlestick Park   August 29, 1966

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August 26, 1966 Bobby Hebb, The Remains, The Beatles DAY OFF in Los Angeles

Day off in Los Angeles

12.00pm, Friday 26 August 1966 (47 years ago) 
The Beatles had three rest days in Los Angeles during their final tour of 1966. This was the second, and came immediately after their concert at the Coliseum in Seattle.

12th stop, 16th and 17th performances, Bobby Hebb, The Remains, the Beatles, The Ronettes, The Cyrkle



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August 24, 1966 - Beatles and Bobby Hebb have the day off!

Sunny #2 on a survey
August 24, 1966
WMCA, New York City 

WMCA Fabulous 57 Survey for August 24, 1966

Courtesy of the WMCA Good Guys Internet Web Site

Survey collected and contributed by Randy Price, Peter Kanze and Greg Lance
For more information contact Allan Sniffen

 1   4  YOU CAN’T HURRY LOVE - The Supremes (Motown)
 2   2  SUNNY - Bobby Hebb (Philips)
 3   3  SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER - The Happenings (B.T. Puppy)
 4   1  *#SUMMER IN THE CITY - The Lovin’ Spoonful (Kama Sutra)
 5  10  SUNSHINE SUPERMAN - Donovan (Epic)
 6   8  *#YELLOW SUBMARINE / ELEANOR RIGBY - The Beatles (Capitol)
 7  11  WOULDN’T IT BE NICE - The Beach Boys (Capitol)
 8  12  *#MR. DIEINGLY SAD - The Critters (Kapp)
 9   7  SWEET PEA - Tommy Roe (ABC)
10   5  LIL’ RED RIDING HOOD - Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs (MGM)

NOTE: The date that appeared on the original chart as printed in GO Magazine 
was August 25, 1966, a Thursday. However, this chart debuted on the air on 
Wednesday, August 24, so the date that appears above reflects when the chart 
actually took effect. 

Bobby Hebb and the Beatles, 1966           

Day off in Los Angeles

12.00pm, Wednesday 24 August 1966 (47 years ago)
Immediately after their second concert at New York's Shea Stadium, The Beatles flew to Los Angeles. They arrived in the early hours of this morning.


They stayed at 7655 Curson Terrace in Beverly Hills, which Brian Epstein had rented for this brief stay. The Beatles were visited by their former press officer, Derek Taylor, as well as members of The Byrds and The Mamas And The Papas.
I'd left The Beatles in December 1964, and gone to live in Hollywood for three years. Things had got very 'successful', which means I took on too much: The Byrds, Beach Boys, Van Dyke Parks, Mamas and Papas, Chad and Jeremy - the intelligent side of US pop - and so I'd dropped out because it was all too much.
Derek Taylor
In the evening Capitol Records' president Alan Livingstone threw a party for The Beatles, which was attended by well-known show business personalities including Edward G Robinson, Jack Benny, James Stewart and Groucho Marx.

Beatles Press Conference



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11th Stop, 15th Performance, BOBBY HEBB AT SHEA STADIUM with the Beatles August 23, 1966


The concert did not sell out, with 11,000 of the 55,600 tickets still available. Nonetheless, The Beatles made more money from their appearance than they had in 1965, receiving $189,000 - 65 per cent of the gross takings of $292,000.
Curiously enough the second Shea Stadium concert had about 11,000 seats unsold. So it was a pretty unsettling time. And it was against this background that they said, 'Right, we definitely won't do any more. We are going to have a break and then we are going into the studio to make a record.'
George Martin
The support acts were The Remains, Bobby Hebb, The Cyrkle and The Ronettes. The Beatles performed 11 songs: Rock And Roll Music, She's A Woman, If I Needed Someone, Day Tripper, Baby's In Black, I Feel Fine, Yesterday, I Wanna Be Your Man, Nowhere Man, Paperback Writer and Long Tall Sally.
During the performance of Day Tripper hundreds of fans broke through barriers and attempted to reach the stage. They were held back by security guards and none managed to get close to The Beatles.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hebb/Beatles Tour 1966 - Day off - August 22, 1966 Beatles Press Conference

The Beatles/Bobby Hebb did not perform on August 20, 22, 24th, 26 and the 27th
On the 22nd there was a Press Conference.
Beatles Press Conference August 22, 1966

  Beatles Interviews Database: 
  Beatles Junior Press Conference, NYC 8/22/1966

On August 20th 1966, with just two days before the Beatles arrival in New York City, Gary Stevens and 'The Good Guys' at radio station WMCA invited Beatles fans to take part in a contest -- the winners of which would attend a Beatles Junior Press Conference on August 22nd, and would be able to talk directly with the Beatles.

Gary Stevens stated just after the one-of-a-kind event, "We were cordially invited to invite 75 lucky guys and gals to attend a special Beatles Junior Press Conference... The (kids) did a great job, and I'll tell you something, the Beatles got such a kick out of it. I could tell they were really digging it."


2 new commercials featuring Bobby Hebb's version of his "Sunny"

Sunny U.K.

Here's a Raffaello (coconut candies from Europe) commercial with Bobby Hebb singing "Sunny" - people sell the candy on Amazon Ferrero Raffaello Almond Coconut Candy 36 count


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10th stop, 14th performance, Bobby Hebb, The Remains, The Beatles August 21, 1966 / 47 years ago today

Live: Busch Stadium, St Louis

8.30pm, Sunday 21 August 1966 (47 years ago)

After performing their postponed concert in Cincinnati at midday, The Beatles flew 341 miles to St Louis, Missouri, where they performed one show at 8.30pm.
The concert took place at the Busch Stadium, and was seen by 23,000 people. The support acts were The Remains, Bobby Hebb, The Cyrkle and The Ronettes.
The show took place in heavy rain, with a makeshift shelter over the stage to protect the musicians, although water still dripped onto the amplifiers. It was this incident which finally convinced Paul McCartney that The Beatles should cease touring.


A look back • Beatle-mania hits Busch Stadium in 1966

They sang, danced and got soaking wet while their four idols, Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, performed for 30 minutes under a plastic canopy.
Some fans, including 85 who won flights from Denver in a radio contest, had come a long way for the show. Tickets were pricey, ranging from $4.50 to $5.50.
After the show, about 50 young fans scrambled to touch the Beatles, who departed in two police cars.
A 17-year-old girl from Creve Coeur managed to hug Starr for a moment. Afterward she kept shouting, "I held him, I held him."

In almost total darkness, I ran as fast as I could, looking down at the grass as I was running trying not to fall. Finally I looked up and there about 15 feet in front of me were, John, Paul, George, and Ringo, THE BEATLES!!!
They were situated exactly on second base on a portable bandstand which had been used for park concerts. (By the way, that bandstand is still in use today!) I had one roll of kodachrome color (transparency - slide film) and about a dozen Flash Bulbs! I had to make every shot count, and had to be incredibly lucky at the same time. The rest is history…

Sid Bernstein, Rest in Peace

We met Sid Bernstein at the Intercollegiate Broadcast Seminar in New York some years back. He was very cordial, a very nice man to give of his time to the college students, for free.

Sid Bernstein passed away.   He is part of Beatles' legend.

  the group's manager Brian Epstein released a statement.
This tour compares phenomenally well with last year's. It's much better all round this year, from the point of view of increased interest and we are actually playing to bigger audiences. Here in Los Angeles, for example, 36,000 people saw The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl. Today's concert at Dodger Stadium is attracting 10,000 more. People have been saying things about diminishing popularity, but all one can go by is attendances, which are absolutely huge. By the time we leave, 400,000 people will have seen this series of shows, and Sid Bernstein has already delivered his formal invitation to The Beatles to return to Shea Stadium for him in the summer of 1967.


The Beatles Let Them Be

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All God's Children they have soul

Proud Soul Heritage!

stay tuned

click here:


9th Stop, 13th Performance by Bobby Hebb & The Remains / Cincinnati - Bobby Hebb and the Remains play, the Beatles do not

Bobby Hebb, the Remains, the Cyrkle and the Ronettes all perform; the Beatles postpone Saturday night show due to rain; perform in Cincinnati on Sunday the 21st.

This is the scheduled 8/20/66 show.... It's interesting to note that the show was rained out on the 20th and the fans had to bring back their stubs the next day (Sunday) for the show. The ticket stubs were then marked with a "magic marker" to cancel them. This explains why most of the stubs you see are marked! This was the only time during their three U.S. tours that they played 2 different venues in one day, and in different states!! (They played Busch Stadium in St. Louis that night).

The Beatles' Cincinnati concert is postponed


3.30pm, Saturday 20 August 1966 (47 years ago)

The Beatles were due to have played an open-air show at Cincinnati's Crosley Field on this day. However, the promoter failed to provide a cover for the group, and heavy rain began shortly before they were due to take the stage.
The support acts on The Beatles' final tour were The Remains, Bobby Hebb, The Cyrkle and The Ronettes. The downpour began after each of the acts had completed their sets. The promoter originally insisted that The Beatles should perform, but they refused unless he could guarantee their safety.
In Cincinnati on August 20, torrential rain caused the cancellation of the show at Crosley Field Stadium, the first and only time this happened during The Beatles' touring years. The decision to put off the boys' appearance was taken when Mal [Evans] was thrown several feet across the stage while plugging into a wet amplifier. We were advised that touching any of the stage's rain-soaked electrical equipment could be lethal so Brian Epstein had no option but to call off the concert.
Tony Barrow
John, Paul, George, Ringo & Me
THE BEATLES MADE UP THE CINCINNATI SHOW THE NEXT DAY, Sunday, August 21, WITHOUT BOBBY AND THE REMAINS, the Cyrkle and the Ronettes.   They all went to St Louis
to perform on the night of the 21st. 

 Today in Music History, August 20!

August 20, 1966 -Touring the United States for the last time, The Beatles were forced to cancel and reschedule their performance at Cincinnati’s Crosley Field – an open-air stadium.  Heavy rain with no cover over the stage area made electrocution a virtual certainty id they has attempted to perform.

Two songs in particular hastened the groups decision the touring had to end.  Here’s what Paul McCartney and George Harrison said about  them, and the group they worried was musically breathing down their necks.


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