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"Sunny" by Percy Faith & His Orchestera / Mickey & Sylvia

Update, April 5, 2012

As work continues on the Bobby Hebb "SUNNY" Boxed Set we look at some of the cover versions!

Paul Mauriat vs. Percy Faith!

Percy Faith comes in at #10 on this poll with Theme From A Summer Place (1960)

Paul Mauriat Comes In At #7 with Love is Blue (1968)

"Love Is Blue" was a million seller which had the instrumental of "Sunny" on the flip side!

From the article: "The song itself describes love in terms of colors and elements. Paul Mauriat’s version of Love is Blue sold over a million copies and was awarded a gold disc, in 1968"

Here's the 45 RPM:

Check out Paul Mauriat's instrumental version with its interesting sounds
vs. Percy Faith with his Liz Damon-style female backing vocals...both very Space Age Bachelor Pad

Paul Mauriat's version on YouTube:


Sunny Video Percy Faith

SUNNY by Percy Faith
On Faith's album: For Those in Love (1968)

Review by William Ruhlmann

Having surveyed the first half of 1967 with his previous album, Today's Themes for Young Lovers, he treated the second half of the year here, recasting the hits of Bobby Hebb ("Sunny"), Dusty Springfield ("The Look of Love"), Dionne Warwick ("I Say a Little Prayer"), Petula Clark ("Don't Sleep in the Subway")...

"Theme From Young Lovers", the title track, went to #35 on the charts!

SUNNY: Track #154 on
The Best Of Percy Faith Volume #3,,4487437,00.html

I picked up this classic LP at the Record Expo on April 1, 2012 ...


The band prior to Bobby Hebb joining


Monday, April 02, 2012

Bobby Hebb News Update April 2, 2012 Monday

SUNNY played on WATD March 17, 2012

OK, we know Sunny gets played all the time all over the world, but it was fun hearing Rocking Oldies' Ed Bowen playing "Sunny" after Bobby Hebb Boxed Set producer Joe Viglione was interviewed on 95.9 FM talking about the Record Expo. 11 PM 3-17-12.

Thank you, Ed Bowen. Bobby Hebb always made a point to send personal "thank yous" out to all d.j.'s playing "Sunny" and other songs in his catalog.


Or check out the group's MYSPACE

Former webmaster Kenny Selcer tells us a local veteran artist performed "Sunny" in a Waltham, Massachusetts club this past March. We're tracking down the name of the artist...and we'll see if there's any video! Kenny told us this on 3/31/12.

Jazz night at well-stocked bar is shaping up neatly,0,3264182.story

The Jazzadelics convene in the back of the long, narrow room, and Damiani sits in the middle of this intergenerational band. Veteran master guitarist Barry Zweig is a harmonic and melodic treasure, spinning out melodic lines. Young bassist-singer Katie Thiroux and drummer Matt Witek (each working on master's degrees at Cal State Long Beach) provide the supple yet strong bottom end of the rhythm section.

Their book is full of standards: Great American Songbook fare, show tunes and jazz anthems. Time and again, the choices skirted the obvious yet mined fine material: “Don't Be on the Outside,” “I'm Old-Fashioned,” Matt Dennis' “Everything Happens to Me,” “How Little We Know” and Bobby Hebb's “Sunny.” Damiani's retooled Angeleno lyrics to “Come Fly With Me” brought smiles: “… in Dodgerland there's a taco stand....”

Check out the JAZZADELICS at NoVacancy

A track off of the 2009 album from Mos Def - The Ecstatic - features the riff from Bobby Hebb's "Flower" off of the LOVE GAMES album

Review of THE ECSTATIC on

Lyrics to Priority

Priority as written by Bobby Hebb and Jean Guillaume Deval


NOTE: THIS translation is from GOOGLE. If anyone has a better translation, send it to us.

We are limited to utilizing just a few lines from the link:

The Swabian rapper Cro
So completely
Musically, are consistently produced by Cro own songs, however astonishing from a variety: on the last mixtape in Cro-operated with "Jerk It Out" by the Caesars, "Banquet" by Bloc Party and almost brash in "The Passenger" by Iggy Pop while the hit "Easy" very prominent and
a hundred times ten great Bobby Hebb classic "Sunny" smart Samplet.!90780/

Der schwäbische Rapper Cro

So ganz ohne

während der Hit „Easy“ sehr prominent und smart den hundertfach gecoverten Bobby-Hebb-Klassiker „Sunny“ sampelt. Man kann die ebenfalls sonnigen, bisweilen auch banalen und sich gleich bleibenden Texte langweilig und die Pandamaske albern und unnötig finden.


Deutscher HipHop-Newcomer Cro

Carlo, das süße Pandabärchen

Von Felix Bayer

More than seven million times on YouTube has seen the video of the Cro-song "Easy", a transparent meaning moving track about an ex-girlfriend, who cites prominently the classic "Sunny" by Bobby Hebb. In the video, a dark-haired beauty moved her lips to Cros-line, and the miners of the rapper, all played by women. "We thought about how to do it, that I was not used," said Cro with friendly Swabian staining in the language, "because I thought it was stupid in the video to appear with the mask.",1518,824077,00.html


Mehr als sieben Millionen Mal wurde auf YouTube das Video zu dem Cro-Song "Easy" gesehen; ein lässig dahingleitender Track über eine Ex-Freundin, der an prominenter Stelle den Klassiker "Sunny" von Bobby Hebb zitiert. Im Video bewegt eine dunkelhaarige Schönheit die Lippen zu Cros Zeilen, auch die Kumpels des Rappers werden alle von Frauen dargestellt. "Wir haben überlegt, wie man das machen kann, dass ich nicht vorkomme", sagt Cro mit freundlichem schwäbischer Färbung in der Sprache, "weil ich das blöd fand, im Video mit der Maske aufzutreten."


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CRO performs "Easy" with Bobby Hebb's "Sunny"

Das neue Video von King of Raop Cro!



I picked up an old vinyl copy of a Mickey & Sylvia disc (before Bobby Hebb joined the duo as Bobby & Sylvia) at the Original New England Compact Disc and Record Expo yesterday...April 1, 2012...and that's no April Fool's Day Joke!
More info on the vinyl soon

today's update, 2:37 pm
April 2, 2012

Bobby Hebb murió a los 72 años