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Happy Birthday Bobby Hebb July 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Bobby Hebb. 

Bobby would have been 76 years young today. 

Celebrate the birth of the legendary Bobby Hebb, 

July 26, 1938-August 3, 2010. 
Happy Birthday, Bobby

In the Navy with his friend Bill Root, Bobby Hebb performed with the Pine Island Pirates.

After the passing of Johnny Kidd - of "Shakin' All Over" fame, Johnny Kidd's Pirates backed up Bobby Hebb for a tour of Europe.

Nick Simper has a wonderful essay about the tour

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RIP Bill Root, guitarist with Bobby Hebb's Pine Island Pirates

Bill Root was a guitarist with Bobby Hebb when they were both in the navy.  They performed as the Pine Island Pirates for Chiang Kai-shek and his wife Madame Chiang

Bobby Hebb sings in "Proud Soul Heritage" that his mom and dad taught him guitar, but it was Bill Root who helped Bobby play rock guitar.   Here's our interview on Visual Radio with Bill Root from August 16, 2012

Visual Radio with Bill Root

Here's an e mail from Bill's wife:

July 23, 5:24 PM Eastern Time

Hello friends and family,

It is with happy yet sad heart that we can celebrate knowing that Bill is in glory with our eternal Father.  He died peacefully at 18:30 last evening (22July).  He was so very ready to leave this world and his earthly body with the pain he has bravely endured over the last 7 1/2 months.  We were priviledged to share the past 6 weeks with me at home, between employment.  Next week Monday I begin my new venture at the Veterans Administration.  Bill knew it was time to go because we talked about what would happen with me going back to work and him needing private duty care in the home, which he really wasn't looking forward to having strangers caring for him.

Join me in praising the Lord for a wonderful man, his life, and his legacy that I was able to share the past 14 years.  He truly was a remarkable man!!

         Let us Celebrate a Painter and Musician passing through
          William E. Root
    12.28.1934 to 7.22.2014
love to all,
Betty Kloosterman Root


Bill Root and Bobby Hebb performed for

Chiang Kai-shek and his wife Madame Chiang (Soong May-ling)

Chinese political and military leader who served as the leader of the Republic of China between 1928 and 1975. He is known as Jiang Jieshi (Chiang Chieh-shih, 蔣介石) or Jiang Zhongzheng (Chiang Chung-cheng, 蔣中正) in Standard Chinese

With the attack on Pearl Harbor and the opening of the Pacific War, China became one of the Allied Powers. During and after World War II, Chiang and his American-educated wife Soong May-ling, known in the United States as "Madame Chiang", held the support of the United States' China Lobby, which saw in them the hope of a Christian and democratic China.

Madame Chiang



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Ringo Starr Interview on WZLX

Ringo Starr from

Ringo Starr doesn’t actually like being interviewed. He will cut the interview short if he doesn’t like the line of questioning, which especially includes asking too many Beatles questions. He’s much happier just having a conversation. Alas, on a day off from his latest All-Starr Band tour, he’s at the Soho Contemporary Art Gallery in New York City to talk about his computer generated artwork, which he’s been working on since about 2005. His art promotes his all-but trademarked message of — you guessed it — peace and love.

In fact, his mantra of “peace and love” is so well-known at this point, that when he saunters into the gallery he asks the group of journalists setting up, “What do you say?” and  everyone answers back with — you guessed it — “peace and love.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Peter White Interview



    Sunny The has conducted a series of interviews with legends and personalities who have been involved with Bobby Hebb or who have recorded "Sunny"  or other Hebb tunes.  Those interviews include but are not limited to: producer Jerry Ross, producer James Fleming Rasmussen, band leader Jimmy Church, drummer Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, U.K. artist Sophie, jazz guitarist Pat Martino, New Kids on the Block keyboardist and Bobby Hebb musician Yasko Kubota, Nat Simpkins and many others.

Peter's website and touring schedule are here:

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Purchase the CD Playin' Favorites with "Sunny"

JULY 15, 2014 

Sunny The Song: When did you get the idea to record "Sunny" and who is performing with you on the rendition on "Playin Favorites?"

Peter White: It was actually producer Paul Brown's idea for me to record Sunny. Our friend Jeff Carruthers recorded the track at his studio and we later added Jerry Hey and his horn section at Paul's studio.  

Sunny The Song:  Have you played "Sunny" live over the years and, if so, when did you add the song to your repertoire? 

Peter White:  I have played Sunny live on many occasions after the Playin' Favorites CD was released (2006), adding vocals in the last verse from my keyboard player David Sparkman, which I thought was a nice touch and kicked everything up a notch.

Sunny The Song:  In your touring did you ever meet or play on the same bill with Bobby Hebb? 

Peter White: Never did meet Bobby unfortunately. 

Joe Viglione/Sunny The Song:Was there a "demo that got the deal" for your 1990 album Reveillez-Vous on Chase Music ?

Peter White: There was a demo but it never got me a deal. I was turned down by every record company that I met with. I eventually financed the CD myself and got the deal with Chase Music Group through my relationship with Cliff Gorov from All That Jazz Inc. who was a radio promoter. He convinced CMG that he would get my songs played on the radio and he was as good as his word! 

Joe Viglione/Sunny The Song: You have an extensive tour - Honolulu, California, U.K. and U.S.A. East Coast, do you have a specific set for each region or does an audience in one region want different tracks from your career?

Peter White: It's impossible to know what each person wants from a concert, let alone an entire audience, so I just make the best show that I can at the time. I don't change the set from one region to the next, but I might change it slightly depending on if it's a small audience or a large festival. The more intimate songs will work best in intimate settings of course.

Joe Viglione: Your bio says you are a Beatles fan, what was it like when you walked into the studio to have Alan Parsons recording you and Al Stewart for "Year of the Cat"

Peter White: Going to work at Abbey Road Studios was like walking into Shangri-La for me. This was the studio where the Beatles recorded most of their music, including my favorite- Sgt. Pepper's. I later saw a pic of the lads recording there and I realized that where I sat with my guitar was right in the middle of where they had set up to record the first Beatles album. I was sitting right between where John, Paul, George and Ringo had played when they were recording!

Joe Viglione/Sunny The Song: Bobby Hebb performed "Sunny" backed up by Emmy Lou Harris guitarist Barry Tashian and his Remains on the final Beatles tour in 1966 - it was interesting because while Bobby's song was #1 in Cashbox and #2 in Billboard in the summer of 1966 with that sterling Jerry Ross production, onstage he and the Remains did a rave-up that went on for about 5 minutes plus. Though it was first released in 1965 by vibraphonist David Pike, jazz musicians around the world have embraced the song, as have so many other genres. Why do you think the chord changes lend themselves so well to so many jazz artists (a) and why is the song attractive to you (b)

Peter White: (a) I think it's a great song and that's why people love to play it. You would have to ask a real jazz musician why it appeals to jazz musicians ha ha! 7(b) I just love the song- that's why I like to play it!

Joe Viglione/Sunny The you for your time and insight, Peter, and thank you for recording "Sunny."


Video #2

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Bill Cosby Trending at #1 1:41 AM July 11, 2014

With tickets on sale for concerts, Bill Cosby is trending at #1 on Yahoo News this Friday a.m.

Hear Cosby's brilliant rendition of "Sunny" on Hooray for the Salvation Army Band LP

Watch 1971 PBS One-Man Special 'Bill Cosby on Prejudice'


On Google News  7-11-14

Music news and reviews

Review: Hit The Road Jacques, Millegro & Prima Vocal Ensemble, Ewa Salecka (director) – York Theatre Royal

The imposing sight of the merged super-choir was matched in sound, new depth paving the way for a Gallic twist on Queen’s Bicycle Race and a winning rendition of Pharrell Williams’s Happy. Bobby Hebb’s Sunny drew together a wonderfully varied programme, its thread deftly illuminated by compère Neil Foster.


Our Top 10 for July 11, 2014 1:56 AM 

 By reader's page views

Jun 22, 2014

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Bobby Hebb's 2008 TOUR OF JAPAN


This Story originally ran in the N.E. Informer Magazine, 2009

You can get "Sunny" from the 2008 tour, Bobby's final tour,


Bobby Hebb Tours Japan

By Joe Viglione

After many years in the Boston area legendary songwriter/singer Bobby Hebb returned to Nashville, where he lived as a child.  The co-author of Lou Rawls' Grammy winning song, "A Natural Man", and the vocalist/composer of the classic "Sunny" (thank you for the sunshine bouquet) performed at Billboard's Nightclubs in Osaka and Tokyo in October of 2008 and is scheduled to go back to Japan in April of 2009...after a few dates in England and Germany.  2009 is shaping up to be a big year for Hebb, Rosetta Swain, a cousin of his, has arranged and recorded a Gospel version of "Sunny" entitled "Jesus," set to debut in New York.  Hebb is thinking of performing at that debut. There is talk of a new album, "Bobby Hebb Live" tentatively planned to contain "unplugged" versions of "Sunny", Frank Sinatra's exquisite "Nancy" (With The Laughing Face), "Take The "A" Train", "When Sunny Gets Blue" and other songs the man who toured with The Beatles and Jimmy Page's Yardbirds has in the vault from recordings made over the years.

New England Informer spoke with Bobby about his recent trip to Japan:

NE Informer: You last toured Japan in the 1990s, how were you received in the new millennium?

Bobby Hebb:  "The people liked it very much - maybe I'm too critical (of my own work) - the shows went over very well in Osaka and Tokyo; the thing I like about Osaka is everything is underground - stores and things of that nature.  Osaka had a very nice crowd - I was surprised, really.  I think that I was really surprised because the band did such a fine job.  The musicians were superb."

NE Informer: You performed "Sunny", of course, what about other songs in the set?

Bobby Hebb: "I was surprised of how tight the group was on "That's The Way I Like It", our cover of the K.C. & The Sunshine Band hit. We opened up with the disco version of Sunny, "Sunny '76", into "Cold Cold Night (Bobby co-wrote "Cold, Cold Night" with Phil Medley, the fellow who wrote "Twist & Shout"), and "You Want To Change Me".

NE Informer: "You Want To Change Me" sometimes sells for about a hundred dollars on eBay!  You've never performed that in concert before - what a treat for Northern Soul fans.

Hebb: "It was the same show in both cities except that in Tokyo I added a song I didn't expect, on this particular encore...the band went out and I came back and it was time for me to play the spoons.  I really hadn't prepared anything so the band just started playing (the Cream/Willie Dixon song) "Spoonful" giving me a standing ovation on those encores."

Ever the perfectionist Mr. Hebb added "I still want to know what I can do to make this better."

Here's the set list from Bobby's shows in Japan:

Main "Sunny" theme
Cold Cold Nights
You Want To Change Me
That's All I Wanna Know
That's The Way I Like It
Nigerian Market Place (Instrumental written by Oscar Peterson)
A Natural Man
the original Sunny
Directly From My Heart (a song by Little Richard)
You Send Me (the Sam Cooke song)

Encores: Mustang Sally, In The Midnight Hour, main theme and Sunny disco.

 Hear Oscar Peterson perform "Nigerian Marketplace"

Version 1

Version 2

Little Richard's "Directly From My Heart To You"

The band featured:

Tadahiro Fusahara - trumpet
Hisatsugu Suzuki - tenor sax
Katsuki Nakajima - bass
Osamu Soda - piano
Rikiya Higashihara - drums
Bobby Hebb - guitar, vocals

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Pastor Rosetta Swain  "Jesus" sung to "Sunny"

Bobby Hebb appeared in the studio when his cousin, Pastor Rosetta Swain, cut the authorized Gospel version of "Sunny" and retitled the new performance "Jesus". 

Tadahiro Fusahara - trumpet


 Osamu Soda (Pianist Composer)


     In 1988, during his junior year at Osaka University of Arts,

Osamu Sam Soda was invited as a scholarship student to participate

in the 1988 “Jazz in July” Workshop at the University of Massachusetts

in Amherst, MA. He studied piano performance with Dr. Billy Tailor,

composition and arrangement with Mr.Usef Latief, and ensemble performance

with Mr. Max Roach.


James Brown covered "SUNNY" many times, Biopic GET ON UP this summer


Watch: Chadwick Boseman Channel James Brown In 'Get On Up' Trailer

VIBE Posted March 13, 2014

     The first look at Tate Taylor's Get On Up promises a lot of yells, singing, and epic dance moves. But how does Chadwick Boseman stack up as the Godfather of Soul?

     Universal's Get On Up is the long awaited James Brown biopic, which finds 42 star Chadwick Boseman getting on the good foot as the lead funketeer.
    The picture is slated to recount the "rags-to-riches" story of the hardest working man in show business, from his impoverished childhood, time in prison and ascendancy to superstardom. A sub-plot also involves Brown's mother, whom will be played by Viola Davis, who abandoned him at age 6, and his aunt (played by Octavia Spencer), who raised him in a brothel.

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Night Train To Nashville featuring "SUNNY" won Grammy in 2005

SUNNY - YouTube Videos - Editor Chooses "Sunny" versions for July 6, 2014


#1  Peter White
#2  Green Tea
#3  Into Jazz
#4  Arrangement by Mike Story 
#5  Elizabeth Meza
#6  Hammond Organ Trio
#7  Stevie Gee Band
#8  Robbie Benson Hammond Organ

#1  Peter White
Sunny "Sexy Groove"

Tremendous version with an accompanying video. Released in 2006 on the Legacy label, the album entitled Playin' Favorites, "Sunny" is Track #7
Track Listing
1. What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)
2. Look of Love, The
2. The Look of Love
3. Déjá Vu
3. D‚j  Vu
4. Mister Magic
5. Lovely Day
6. Crazy Love

7. Sunny  (a different video)
8. For the Love of You
9. Hit the Road Jack
10. You Are Everything
11. One on One

Uploaded on Mar 20, 2011
Peter White (Sunny) Sexy Groove

on eBay



Here's a rocking one!  The group is Green Tea live at the

Green Tea is an instrumental 4 - piece band of professional musicians performing jazz - funk covers.

Andrey Novikov, keyboards
Jake Pashkin, guitar
Damien Langkamer, bass
Gaetano di Giacomo, drums

Green Tea is an instrumental 4-piece band of professional musicians performing jazz-funk covers. Green Tea plays with irresistible energy and feeling and can cater for a wide variety of occasions. It’s a band which combines love of music and exceptional talent to provide the best possible live music for your event at very reasonable prices! Based in Central London, Green Tea consists of keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums and features a versatile upbeat jazz-funk repertoire.

from their LIVELY DVD "Sunny"

Uploaded on Dec 20, 2008

Spanish band Into Jazz performing a funky arrangement of the Soul classic "Sunny". Included in their new live DVD, "Lively". Find more music and videos from Into Jazz at
#4  Arrangement by Mike Story 

Published on Mar 23, 2014
Bläserklasse 5z des Alfred-Grosser-Gymnasiums, Bad Bergzabern
Leitung Theodor Schmidt
Aufgenommen am 28.06.2013
Start der Bläserklasse: August 2012

#5  Elizabeth Meza

Uploaded on Sep 17, 2008
Elizabeth Meza Sunny
Animal Nocturno

#6  Hammond Organ Trio
Uploaded on Dec 17, 2007
Jazz/Soul/Funk Classic by Bobby Hebb performed here by Organik Trio at The Waterfront, Barton Marina, 15 December 2007

#7  Stevie Gee Band

Stevie Gee -  Guitar, Vocals
Teresa Hart - Guitar
Jack Tasse - Bass
Derick Lindo - Drums
April 30, 2008 @ Black Swan
The Danforth Jam

Uploaded on May 3, 2008
Stevie Gee Band "Sunny" ( Bobby Hebb 1966 )
Produced by for and

#8  Robbie Benson

Uploaded on May 16, 2007
Robbie Benson (18) plays "Sunny" funky on the Hammond B3. This is inspired by the Pat Martino/John Scofield/Joey Defrancesco video here on YouTube.

The sound's poor, especially in hearing the organ, but a better recording will come out in the coming months.

Was recorded live at San Francisco's Purple Onion on March 29, 2007. [Come every Thursday night for Jazz Organ Night.]

Don Nick on guitar; Robert Holm on drums; Clark Baldwin on sax; Robbie Benson on Hammond B3.

Thanks to Pete Fallico (
and Jason Hill for camera work.

SF Bay Area session keyboardist, Robbie Benson, has been playing piano for over 20 years, gigging with the likes of Ron E Beck (Tower of Power), Tony Lindsay and Myron Dove (Santana), sitting in with Napoleon Murphy Brock (Frank Zappa), Clifford Coulter, and Danny Hull (Doobie Brothers), as well as studying with the likes of Russell Ferrante (Yellowjackets).
A respected live musician, he is also an international award-winning filmmaker & composer, having garnered "Best Original Soundtrack" (CMF 2010), among other international film awards including "Best Director" (CMF 2009), "Best Comedy" (CMF 2008), and "Turner Classic Movies' Classic Short Film Award" (CMF 2006).

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