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Bobby Hebb News May 13, 2024

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From Eric 

Sat, May 11 at 12:17 PM
Mary Wells Sunny version being licensed
 for use in TV series ‘Godfather of Harlem’, 
And used in ABC Greatist Summer of Hits,,,
and licensed for anther movie
   Greenland Migration,,,,    

And on American Idol season 7 redux,,,and 
Max tv series ‘Duster’,,,,and tv commercial 
for Old Navy,,,

cover of Sunny by Ce lo Green to be released,,,

and more in the pipe line…..

Sunny. Boney M. Bobby Hebb. New Original Piano Arrangement by Mr.D_Pianist.

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in collaboration with Warner Music Nashville is releasing an expanded version of the box set From Where I Stand: The Black Experience in Country Music. Originally released in 1998 by the museum and Warner, the updated CD collection spans a century of music and traces the many ways Black Americans have created, contributed to, and been influenced by country music. The set will be released on Friday, May 31, accompanied by a free-to-access online experience via the museum’s website.

Released more than 25 years ago, the original set’s creation was inspired and urged by Black country recording artist Cleve Francis and American Baptist College executive Nelson Wilson, who saw a disturbing gap in music history. “It’s a part of our history that’s been hidden from us,” Francis told the Washington Post upon the set’s release.