Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Leonard Nimoy - SUNNY

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assignmentearth 2 years ago

I still say, and have said for years,...this is a great backing arrangement that someone did. The arrangement and the performances. I used to find it hard to believe it was done just for a Nimoy album. Maybe. Lotta good people working in the business who don't get any credit. Would love to know who it was. Nimoy's vocal is really kind of endearing. There was a time I drove around and listened to this, just studying and listening to this cut.

Sunny Song of the Day April 29, 2020 Jerry Crozier Cole

Sunny by Bobby Hebb Kit Morgan - guitar Jerry Crozier-Cole - guitar

This performance was recorded and filmed on the 8th March 2018 Guitar Extravaganza live at Cedars Hall, Wells Cathedral School. Recording and editing by Dom Balchin

Asterios Papastamatakis
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Sunny - Datfunk band Cover feat Vasilis Xenopoulos live @ Afrikana bar (9-jan-2015) Asterios Papastamatakis nord c2d organ/nord stage 2/73 rev b Adedeji Adetayo guitar/voc Michalis Kapilidis drums feat: Vasilis Xenopoulos tenor sax