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Hebb in the News 11/22/15 Homberg (Ohm) 23.11.2015 Jazz meets Brasil

Michele Alberti in the news, performing "Sunny" in Homberg 

Homberg (Ohm)23.11.2015

Jazz meets Brasil

CONCERT Michele Alberti convinced audiences with bossa nova
HOMBERG - (jpg). With the flag of Brazil in the background kidnapped Michele Alberti and a number of other musicians on Saturday evening the audience in the family center in the world of jazz and Brasil. This mixture, called "Bossa Nova", and the voice of Tine Brüning made for an enjoyable evening of music.
An acute-kick delivered next Alberti at the piano already in H

After much consideration, Alberti was even persuade a pop piece , so the gifted jazz fan . With "Sunny " by Bobby Hebb the first half of the evening was over . Tine Brüning agreed in the second half with " At last" a success , after which five other pieces followed . Another highlight was thereby " Over the rainbow " - with Alberti on piano and Tine Brüning (vocals ) .

Michele  Alberti

Nach langer Überlegung ließ sich Alberti sogar zu einem Popstück überreden, so der begnadete Jazzfan. Mit „Sunny“ von Bobby Hebb war die erste Hälfte des Abends auch schon vorbei. Tine Brüning stimmte in die zweite Hälfte mit „At last“ erfolgreich ein, worauf fünf weitere Stücke folgten. Als ein weiteres Highlight zeigte sich dabei „Over the rainbow“ – mit Alberti am Klavier und Tine Brüning (Gesang).
Vor Ende des erfolgreichen Abends sorgte eine besondere Zusage für Stimmung: Als „Guest Star“ trat der bekannte und langjährige Musiker Jürgen „Jup“ Thorn auf und entführte das Publikum mit Michele Alberti, Micha Georg, Jürgen Pfeil und Tina Brüning an seiner Seite auf die „Route 66“.

Act Umami , which drew attention to , inter alia, with a successful remix of Bobby Hebb - classic " Sunny" Has.

11/30 Randy Martin Sunny Song of the Day Day 330

"Sunny" Changes Backing Track #4 (better sound) w/ 3 Scale Improv "Cheat Sheet" sbt4

November 30, 2015 Sunny Song of the Day

Published on Jul 26, 2014
Free for "not for profit" use, better sound quality (than my Sunny BT's 1-3) Backing Track of the changes to the pop and jazz standard "Sunny" by Bobby Hebb. The changes here are written as the basic chords. Simplified 3 scale improv "Cheat Sheet" for beginners/less experienced players to get started playing over these changes. Have fun!

Sunny (funk) - Backing track / Play-along

Published on Feb 1, 2014
Learn how to play jazz and improvise by jamming along with this background track.

Key: A minor
Tempo: 140 bpm

    nice...watched a video of James Brown doing this yesterday...


    this is the best sunny b track ive heard to date i think

    great track man great love the stuff ..should have been looped to 4 min though ...I subed ty Sunny (funk) - Backing track / Play-along