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Bobby Hebb News October 26, 2012

More rendition's of Bobby Hebb's classic "Sunny"

Diva Fever sing Sunny - The X Factor Live -

 on Oct 9, 2010
The X Factor 2010: The first of the 'Wildcard' acts, given a second chance to make it through to the live shows - Diva Fever are exstatic! Clearly been given an amazing opportunity, the boys are determined to put on their best performance tonight. Will you be voting for them?  

Bobby Hebb & The Beatles

The Beatles and Bobby Hebb toured together in 1966 and "Sunny" by Bobby Hebb along with "Yesterday" by the Beatles (Paul McCartney) are two of the most recorded songs in pop history.   When we find interesting days that have Hebb/Beatles synergy we post them here.
Today in Beatles History
October 26
Concert at the Liverpool Empire, with Little Richard.
5.00-5.29pm. BBC's 'Here We Go' broadcast (25 October 1962 session, except 'Sheila').
'Love Me Do' enters the UK ranking.

Bobby spoke with his friend Little Richard Penniman in the past decade.   In 1962 the Beatles performed a concert with the icon at the Liverpool Empire on this day, October 26, 1962.

It was FIFTY years ago today,
Sgt Pepper/Little Richard did play

Another "Sunny" Facebook site.

OK, I did not post this "Sunny" site on Facebook, but we will monitor it.

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Bobby Hebb News Sunday October 21, 2012

Nacht van de popmuziek

tv-tips Ned 3 | zaterdag 20 oktober | 22u20, door (nj)

»En omdat Matthijs en ik allebei behoorlijke soulliefhebbers zijn, zit James Brown er ook in: een cover uit de vroege jaren zeventig van Bobby Hebb’s ‘Sunny’. Een luchtig zomerliedje, maar Brown maakte er natuurlijk weer iets heftigs van.

This day in Beatles history

Studio 2. 2.30-7.00pm. Recording: 'Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)' [re-make] (takes 2-4). Studio 2. 7.00-12.00pm. Recording: 'Nowhere Man' (takes 1-2). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Norman Smith; 2nd Engineer: Ken Scott.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jim McCarty of The Yardbirds talks about Bobby Hebb on the Dick Clark tour



Jim McCarty of The Yardbirds talks about Bobby Hebb on the Dick Clark 1966 Cavalcade of Stars  

Visual Radio station ID  Jim McCarty


Jim McCarty of The Yardbirds talks about Bobby Hebb on the Dick ...


Click here:

After the Beatles tour in 1966, Bobby Hebb toured with Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Jim McCarty, Keith Relf and The Yardbirds on Dick Clark's 1966 Cavalcade of Stars. 


Photos of pages from the program book can be found on this Led Zeppelin site:

The Dick Clark tours had been going on since the early 60's and mixed pop, soul, blues, and other various artists on the same bill. This tour order....The Distant Cousins, Jimmy Clanton, Brian Hyland, Bobby Hebb, The Yardbirds, Sam The Sham and the Pharaohs, and Gary Lewis and the Playboys


October 17, 2012 article on Rapper CROW!

Cro in der Hugenottenhalle

Panda-Rapper-Fete mit Kindercola

 Angefangen hat der Hype vor knapp einem Jahr, als Jan Delay auf seiner Facebook-Seite Cros Video „Easy“ postete und ihn als „die Zukunft von Deutschrap“ vorstellte. Dann avancierte „Easy“- eine Sample-Version des Bobby-Hebb-Klassikers „Sunny“ - zum Radiohit. Vor zwei Wochen war Cro dann bei „Wetten, dass…?!“ zu Gast. Der schlaksige Cro verrät nicht viel von sich:



Cro im Kreuz: Ohne Motto, aber mit großer Show

Von Thomas Bertz

Er ist aktuell einer der größten Stars im deutschen Musikbusiness: Cro. Am Mittwoch machte der Rapper im pickepackevollen Kreuz Station. Der 22-Jährige lieferte eine großartige Show ab.

  Finale, als er seinen größten Hit zum Besten gibt: "Easy" den Bobby-Hebb-Klassiker "Sunny". Die ganze Halle singt. "Ihr seid die Geilsten", sagt Cro, legt kurz nach. Dann war schon Schluss - nach 80 Minuten. Cro behält die Maske auf. Ein bisschen Geheimnis muss bleiben. Und eins scheint sicher: Der Hype um Cro dürfte noch größer werden.;art28,637152

LITTLE JOE COOK 90th Birthday Party

Joseph Cook a colleague of Bobby Hebb's, both artists bringing their magic to the Boston area as two of the best-known R & B/Pop singers in the region!


Little Joe's birthday is in December.

FRAMINGHAM — The first thing you see when you turn into ­Little Joe Cook’s driveway is his white Cadillac Seville with the vanity plates, “Nut Man.”

They refer to the 89-year-old singer’s one and only hit single, with his group Little Joe and the Thrillers, 1957’s ­“Peanuts,” which stayed on the Billboard charts for 15 weeks, making Cook’s high falsetto instantly recognizable. That song has remained the foundation of his ­career for decades, a few of them spent performing in Cambridge at the slightly faded Cantab Lounge.

“People the world over know who I am, and, yeah, it’s for that song,” said the doo-wop singer, who was born Joseph Cook. “And I'm just fine with that.”

On Saturday, fans, friends, and fellow performers, including old members of his band Little Joe’s Thrillers, will pay tribute to Cook at an early 90th birthday celebration at Ryles Jazz Club in ­Cambridge.

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15 Days to "SUNNY" RINGTONE release! Sunny Cover by Dr. Magkneetoe; Neil Young inspired to write Down By The River via Sunny chord changes!

Sunny Ring-  tone

Now Available!

Release date: October 30, 2012

FACT: In 1966 The Beatles and Bobby Hebb toured America 


FACT: In 2012 - 46 years later - both Bobby and The Beatles have released 2012 RINGTONES!  


The Beatles released their Ringtones in 2012


iTunes offers first Beatles ringtones

Apple started selling albums from The Beatles last year and now the company has released a set of ringtones taken from the band's most popular albums. The selections span a wide range of titles including early titles like A Hard Day's Night and later tracks like the 1970 chart-topper Let It Be.
You can buy the ringtones from the iTunes app using your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Each ringtone is US$1.29 and can be found in the Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Buy More Tones. Be careful to click on the link for Ringtones. Also listed, as shown above, is the 1 collection for $12.99 which has 27 songs, not ringtones as I first though, from the band's twelve studio albums and 22 singles.


 The Bobby Hebb "Sunny" Ringtone!

Projected release date:

Wednesday October 30, 2012!




October 15 1966 Brian Epstein, Beatles manager, flew to America with Georgie Fame.
Georgie Fame had a British hit with "Sunny"

Brian flies to the USA with Georgie Fame, to find a co-star for Fame's Christmas show at London, promoted by Brian.


In October of 1966 Fame's version of "Sunny" was a hit in the U.K.

Listen to Georgie Fame sing "Sunny" here:


Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames (a British group, not to be confused with Jimi Hendrix's early American band, "Jimmy James & The Blue Flames" which featured Moogy Klingman and Randy California) had a string of hits.

Trivia Question: What was Georgie Fame's FIRST HIT after leaving The Blue Flames?

Answer:  Bobby Hebb's "SUNNY"


Fames' version of the Bobby Hebb song "Sunny" made No. 13 in the UK charts in September 1966.[9] The follow-up, "Sitting In The Park", a Billy Stewart cover, made No. 12. His greatest chart success was "The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde" in 1967, which was a number one hit in the United Kingdom, and No.7 in the United States. "Yeh Yeh" and "The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde" sold over one million copies, and were awarded gold discs.[10]

15 days and counting for the release of the Bobby Hebb "Sunny" ringtone.




On Tuesday October 9 Dr. Magkneetoe previewed a show that included "Sunny"

Review: Dr. Magkneetoe and the Triboro Trio in Newburgh, New York

The Triboro Trio is made up of Lustgarten, Rick Mullen on bass and Gamma. They opened the preview with a set of fusion music of rock, funk, R&B, jazz and pop. Starting with an instrumental "Chameleon" by Herbie Hancock on a funky bass line, they moved right into "Sonny," the 1966 hit by Bobby Hebb, belted out vigorously by Gamma with voice, drums and percussion. Lustgarten next sang "What's Going On?" by Marvin Gaye with a wonderful jazz riff on the guitar. Gamma announced that he was "Feeling Alright," from David Mason's 1968 rock album.

Newburgh Actor's Studio

If you want to go to the concerts ...

What/when: Concerts by Dr. Magkneetoe, 8 p.m. 
Oct. 19, and the Triboro Trio, 8 p.m. Oct. 20
Where: Newburgh Actors Studio, 784 Broadway, Newburgh
Admission: $10
Call: 569-8593




  1. Neil young has always done it his way

    Windsor Star-Oct 13, 2012
    Then he started fooling around with the chords to Sunny, a top hit for Bobby Hebb in 1966, and that turned into Down By The River. Switching to ...

    Neil young has always done it his way

    Autobiography follows rocker into his weird world

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  2. Juicy bits are few and far between in rock memoir

    San Antonio Express-Oct 5, 2012
    Inspired by Bobby Hebb's much-loved “Sunny,” he changed the tuning on his guitar and hashed out “Down by the River.” Switching to A minor ..

    Juicy bits are few and far between in rock memoir

    Updated 11:54 a.m., Friday, October 5, 2012



    OTTAWA CITIZEN, Neil Young inspired by Bobby Hebb's "Sunny"

    Welcome to Neil's world


    Welcome to Neil's world

    New autobiography follows Young on a journey of sex, drugs, rock and family

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    Ottawa Citizen-Sep 25, 2012
    Then he started fooling around with the chords to Sunny, a top hit for Bobby Hebb in 1966, and that turned into Down By The River. Switching to ...

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