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Rare Performances - Bobby Hebb

"I Got Rhythm"
Bobby Hebb playing spoons on this classic on THE BEAT


   "My spoons aren't in tune; give me some help, please."


From Amazon

Legendary R&B DJ Hoss Allen's "The!!!Beat" is a godsend to Soul fans as it is one of the few shows of its kind that was (mostly) done live, shot in color, and was preserved (most of that era's Soul TV shows were local lip-synched affairs that are now lost, such as Charleston, SC's "Jump Time" or not publicly available like Columbia SC's Job Man Caravan").

Bobby Hebb in Rockport
"Love Love Love"
Northern Soul Video


You Want to Change Me  Video

The Torpedo Boize with Bobby Hebb
Trust, Integrity & Pure Love

from the album Headache Music

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Interesting Bobby Hebb Cover versions

Joe Harnell's Work Song / Sunny
a.k.a. Work Sunny Work

1)Work Sunny Work Joe Harnell
(Bobby Hebb)



2)His Song Shall Be Sung

Bobby Hebb/Sandy Baron

Studio version:


Watch the YouTube of Lobo performing the song live

3)My Best Friend - Roscoe Shelton (Battle Records)
(Bobby Hebb)


4)I Wish - Jimmy Church
(Bobby Hebb)
This track was written by Bobby Hebb.  According to Jimmy Church in a 2012 interview on Visual Radio, Hebb brought Church up to New York City to record with producer Mickey Baker (of Mickey & Sylvia fame) with notables on the session for Okeh Records.   The song appears on the More Rockin' On Broadway compilation

Rockin Blues - Beau-Marks
No Dice - Bell Notes
Come Go With Me - Chevrons
You're A Big Girl Now - Bell Notes
The Blast - Rusty Isabell
Teenage Baby - Jimmy Church
That Comes With Love - Chevrons
Cause We're In Love - Beau-Marks
Chicken Necks - Genies
Fancy Nancy - Skip & Flip
Rich Boy, Poor Boy - Knockouts
She Went That-A-Way - Bell Notes
Day After Forever - Chevrons
Lindy Lou - Eddie Quinteros
To Be Alone - Wayne Worley
Daddy Said - Beau-Marks
I Wish - Jimmy Church

I Give Up - Rusty Isabell
The First Time - Genies
No Other Love (Like Yours) - Fi-Dells
Crowded Classroom - Strollers
The Tuttle - OC and The Holidays
Hy Wocky Toomba - Mighty Jupiters
We're Strollin' - Strollers
Watch That Action - OC and the Holidays

Check out the link on Bear Family Records

The track was originally issued on Okeh Records (same label as Little Joe Cook's "Peanuts"). Here's a photo of Okeh, a Northern Soul Obsession CD which includes a Jimmy Church track.  This is just on our site for the Church affiliation with Okeh, which is where he recorded "I Wish".  Not sure if it is included in this CD but we're working on finding that out. Stay tuned

5)Got You On My Mind - Bobby Hebb 
Not the version found on the "Sunny" CD, a different rendition!
A different version of Bobby Hebb's "Got You On My Mind" appears on this Hoss Allen "The Beat" CD 

 Track #21

Track Listing
1. The Beat Theme - Beat Boys
2. Have You Ever Been Mistreated - Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
3. The Best Man I Ever Had - Cleo Randle
4. Hitch Hike - Beat Boys
5. I'm Falling in Love Again - Kelly Brothers
6. Empty Arms and Bitter Tears - Gerri Taylor
7. Try Me - Frank Howard & The Commanders
8. Don't You Want a Man Like Me - Jimmy Church
9. Tell Me Why You Want to Hurt Me So - Mighty Joe Young
10. I Got Soul - Art Grayson
11. In the Midnight Hour - Mighty Hannibal
12. Late in the Evening - Bobby Powell
13. Respect - Rodge Martin
14. They Say - Rodge Martin
15. Treat Her Right - Lattimore Brown
16. Blues for Cochise - Beat Boys
17. I Don't Know Why I Love You - Clarence "Frogman" Henry
18. Shootout at the KO Corral - Beat Boys
19. Just a Little Bit - Robert Parker
20. Best of Luck to You - Earl Gaines
21. Got You on My Mind - Bobby Hebb

22. Soul Drag - Beat Boys
23. 24 Hours a Day - Earl Gaines
24. Ram Bunk Shush - Beat Boys

The youtube is a Live for television version different from the slow, melancholy Jerry Ross production on the 1966 SUNNY album


6)Rich Records Story has 6 tracks from Bobby Hebb

1. Night Train To Memphis Bobby Hebb 1:49
   2. You Gotta Go Bobby Hebb 2:43

   3. I Found Somebody Bobby Hebb 2:43
   4. Atlanta, GA Bobby Hebb 2:23
   5. Cherry Bobby Hebb 2:44 (no strings on this version)
   6. I Feel So Good Bobby Hebb 2:00 


The 6 tracks on the Rich Records Story include the 2 sides from John R's "FM Records" label ("I Found Somebody" and "Atlanta GA" 45 RPM) and the other two Rich Records singles.     7,8 and 9 on this blog have the out-takes and which CDs or lps to find them on, as well as YouTubes when available.

7)The Heartbeat of New Orleans CD; 
 Dr. John Compilation
This version of "Cherry" has strings on it; the version on the Rich Records story does not.

  • Released: December 1, 1991
  • Label: Ace Records Usa


  • 1.Remember Me? - Jimmy Donely / Dr. John
  • 2.Blow, Wind Blow - Frankie Ford / The Heartbeats
  • 3.Young Mind - Amos Milburn / Johnny Meyers
  • 4.Tears, Tears and More Tears - Jimmy Clanton / The Heartbeats
  • 5.Good Lovin' - John Fred & His Playboy Band
  • 6.I Don't Want a Broken Heart - Huey "Piano" Smith & the Clowns
  • 7.Hot & Spicy - Dr. John (AKA Mac Rebennack)
  • 8.I Was a Fool - Dr. John / Roland Stone
  • 9.Gonna Do You No Wrong - Chuck Carbo / Cliff Thomas / The Heartbeats
  • 10.Chained - Chuck Carbo / The Spiders
  • 11.Baby, You're So Fine - Willie Dixon / Bobby Day
  • 12.Put Your Confidence in Me - James Booker / Joe Tex
  • 13.Sack Dress - Lloyd Price
  • 14.Curiosity - Joe / Ann
  • 15.Cherry - Bobby Hebb / The Heartbeats
  • 16.Open up the Door - James Booker
  • 17.I Never Get Tired - Johnny Fairchild / The Heartbeats
  • 18.Anna - Bubba Anderson / The Heartbeats
  • 19.I Love to Rock 'n' Roll - Eddie Bo
  • 20.Everybody Is Doing Something - James Booker / Bobby Marchan

Rare Blues & Soul from Nashville 1960's, Volume 2

by Various Artists 


  • 1.Don't Do It - Cornell Blakely
  • 2.You Broke My Heart - Cornell Blakely
  • 3.I Want My Share - Cornell Blakely
  • 4.You Ain't Gonna Find - Cornell Blakely
  • 5.Who Knows - Cornell Blakely
  • 6.My Love Came Tumbling Down - J.J. Barnes
  • 7.Try Your Luck On Me - Stonie Martin
  • 8.You Win Again - Stonie Martin
  • 9.Night Train - John R.
  • 10.Stagger Lee - John R.
  • 11.Cherry [45 Version] - Bobby Hebb

 8)Feel So Good  (backing vocals missing; alternate take)

Rock And Rhythm: Original 50's Recordings
White Label Records
Track 7  Atlanta GA  Bobby Hebb
Previously Unissued
different take, different mix


 Rare! Original Vinyl 12" LP 33rpm
Side A
Rock & roll bells - Eddie Seacrist
I'm winning now - Ray Harris
Education Fool - Danny White
Love me - Danny Ray
Just you and me - Lou Millet
Baby it's love - Johnny Angels
Atlanta ga - Bobby Hebb

Side B
I got it made - Alton Lott
I can't stand it - Buck Rogers
Forbidden love - Jimmy Donnely
Look out - Bobby Bird
Tootsie - James Truck
Everytime I see you - Harry Lee
Call the law - Danny White

The 45 RPM pictured here is the released mix; an alternate take is on YouTube

10)Alice Clark The Complete Studio Recordings 1968-1972

Alice Clark compilation cd
This is a reissue, not the original Alice Clark album on Mainstream Records, but it also contains the three tracks Bobby wrote "Hard, Hard Promises", "Don't You Care" and "The Charms of the Arms of Love" from the original lp.

11)I'll Be Anything For You - The Powerpack
(from CBS45 "I'll Be Anything For You" b/w "Lost Summer")


Bobby Hebb's classic song - legend has it - as recorded by Procol Harum drummer Bobby Harrison and Powerpack

Thanks Sid for I'll Be Anything For You/Lost Summer by The Powerpack.
I had a copy of this record around 1970.I 'borrowed' it from my friend Colin Short.His older brother Terry played drums with The Powerpack about this time,but i dont know if he is playing on these tracks.I remember seeing them play at the Bridge House in Canning Town.Incidentally,Colin borrowed the record back some years later and i have have never heard the tracks since.
This is Bobby Harrison, the original drummer for Procol Harum, performing Bobby Hebb's "I'll Be Anything For You". Wonderful stuff. See information on BobbyHebb dot blogspot dot com
My father is the guitarist on this record. He and the bassist wrote the music. PM me for more information. I would also like the file for this.
The Powerpack was a popular club band in the late 1960's- early '70's. The only member who's name I know is that of lead guitarist-vocalist Terry Newman. Sorry that's the best I can do. Peace!

Interesting blog

Top 10 sites on BobbyHebb.blogspot.com
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Aug 30, 2007

Jul 11, 2012


Cookie & His Cupcakes on CHESS RECORDS

"got you on my mind" written by joe thomas and howard biggs inspired by the version by cookie & the cupcakes


Eric Clapton

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Grammy information, plus New version of Bobby Hebb's "His Song Shall Be Sung" by Andreu Muntaner

We just found this rendition of 



on YouTube.  It was posted July 30, 2009
Uploaded on Jul 30, 2009
ANDREU MUNTANER "LOBO" & THE SOUL PALACE ALLSTARS playing live "His Song Shall Be Sung" (originally recorded by Lou Rawls; written by Bobby Hebb and Sandy Baron)

LOU RAWLS WINS GRAMMY FOR 'BEST R & B Solo Vocal Performance, Male" 1971 for the song
Written by Bobby Hebb and Sandy Baron

  (14th Awards, Acceptance Speech, Best R&B Vocal Performance Male, Lou Rawls, Roberta Flack, Smokey Robinson, 1971) ...
Video - Dec 27, 2009 -- 12:55 pm
by Lou Rawls, winner of the Best R&B Solo Vocal Performance, Male, GRAMMY, and a filmed appearance ...
GRAMMY Award Year - Jan 17, 2013 -- 11:37 am

"Sunny" appears on two Grammy-winning albums

Night Train to Nashville


Beg, Scream and Shout

See Bobby's Grammy award on http://bobbyhebb.com  

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More images of Bobby Hebb! 1-23-12

We've found this new 45 image of Bobby Hebb.
Notice the inverted image.  Bobby is a right-handed guitarist, the image is reversed and then colorized. 


Notice Bobby is right-handed here.

Notice how this studio photo was used for a variety of releases around the world

 This is Bobby on my TV show,
August 1995 in Stoneham, Massachusetts
(C)1995, 2012 Joe Viglione Archives

Mr. Spock Picture Sleeve, Leonard Nimoy sings "Sunny"

Read about Bobby Hebb in the book 

Did you know that -rumor has it - the Beatles asked Bobby Hebb to play keyboards on some of their recordings, and Bobby reportedly sent them Billy Preston!

Here's Billy Preston's 45 RPM of "Sunny"

Here's the Polydor 45 of Sunny '76

And here's a Polydor disc, SUNNY SLEEPS LATE

And here's the classic Bobby Hebb sheet music with the 3 guitars currently in the Country Music Hall of Fame

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