Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More images of Bobby Hebb! 1-23-12

We've found this new 45 image of Bobby Hebb.
Notice the inverted image.  Bobby is a right-handed guitarist, the image is reversed and then colorized.

Notice Bobby is right-handed here.

Notice how this studio photo was used for a variety of releases around the world

 This is Bobby on my TV show,
August 1995 in Stoneham, Massachusetts
(C)1995, 2012 Joe Viglione Archives

Mr. Spock Picture Sleeve, Leonard Nimoy sings "Sunny"

Read about Bobby Hebb in the book 

Did you know that -rumor has it - the Beatles asked Bobby Hebb to play keyboards on some of their recordings, and Bobby reportedly sent them Billy Preston!

Here's Billy Preston's 45 RPM of "Sunny"

Here's the Polydor 45 of Sunny '76

And here's a Polydor disc, SUNNY SLEEPS LATE

And here's the classic Bobby Hebb sheet music with the 3 guitars currently in the Country Music Hall of Fame

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