Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Northern Soul - Bobby Hebb's Impact on British Soul Music

Various Artists
Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities, Vol. 2
Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities, Vol. 2
Great sounding and dense with information Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities, Vol. 2 is a true labor of love, compiling 24 solid tracks on the Kent label, a follow-up to the first volume released in 2001, four years before this wonderful sequel. It is sonically superior to another 2001 classic, Northern Soul Connoisseurs on Spectrum/Uni, the huge quantity of these anthologies from this music genre almost as overwhelming as the 45 rpm singles they collect. Ady Croasdell delivers 12 pages of liner notes on slick paper rife with photographs and copies of the actual labels from some of the 45s contained herein. The music is breathtakingly magical, the "Heatwave" beat driving the Extremes "How I Need Your Love" sliding quickly into Jimmy "Bo" Horne's "I Can't Speak," hardcore doo wop merging with '60s pop creating sweet soul confections that stand up to repeated, endless spins. Isaac Hayes and Joe Shamwell combine to write the superb "Sea Shells" as voiced by the Charmels, produced by the legendary Hayes/Porter combo. It's followed by William Hunt's dynamite version of Bobby Hebb's "Would You Believe," also recorded by original Procol Harum drummer Bobby Harrison, as well as Grady Tate and Kenny Lonas.  READ MORE HERE:


We're working on a serious article on 
Bobby Hebb's influence on "Northern Soul"

Also, the upcoming website will have insight into the variety of instruments utilized to perform and create new sounds for the song "Sunny"

---Harmonica  - Stevie Wonder
---Flute           - Herbie Mann
---Saxophone - Charlie Brown

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