Thursday, June 28, 2012

WODS Leaves Airwaves; Sunny Dance REMIX by DJ Eleven; Ella Fitzgerald & Tom Jones sing "SUNNY"

Bobby Hebb News   June 28, 2012

First, thanks to Paula Street, J.J. Wright and our friends at Oldies 103.3 WODS which went off the air today at 11:55 AM.  It's now a "Top 40" station which needs some "Sunny", not KEI$HA!

Bobby Hebb Sunny remix by D.J. Eleven

Bobby Hebb - Sunny (Clement Pony Lovely Edit)

Uploaded by on Jun 29, 2010

Broadway & Wilson " Sunny " Pointfive

Sunny - Montefiori Cocktail (Bobby Hebb cover) - Anastasia Volochkova 


Tom Jones & Ella Fitzgerald in color. Looks & sounds much better than black & white version


Denny Jiosa's wonderful version with Bobby Hebb on scat vocals

Bobby Hebb's  "I'll Be Anything For You" by Powerpack 

The music was written by Bobby Hebb who also wrote Sunny and co-wrote the Lou Rawls hit "A Natural Man".  The drummer, Bobby Harrison, was in the group Procol Harum.  What are the names of the guitarist and the bassist?

A poster on YouTube wrote this:
The Powerpack was a popular club band in the late 1960's- early '70's. The only member who's name I know is that of lead guitarist-vocalist Terry Newman. Sorry that's the best I can do. Peace!

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