Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Would You Believe" performed by Kenny Lonas

Kenny Lonas
"Would You Believe"

Columbia Records, 1968  Kenny Lonas performing Bobby Hebb's WOULD YOU BELIEVE

Would You Believe   Kenny Lonas

William Hunt performs Bobby Hebb's
Produced by Bobby's friend BEN TUCKER 

Orpheum Productions Inc.
Streamside Records
235 W. 46th Street,
NY NY 10036

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  1. by Ipse33 2 years ago 1,419 views
  2. Superbly effective - great soul.
    by nsoulchris 2 years ago 530 views
  3. After Hours Northern Ballad..... sublime vocals and the end to a perfect night..written by bobby hebb
    by eringobrath1965 3 years ago 4,713 views
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