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Bobby Hebb News Update Saturday June 16, 2012

Bobby Hebb News


Fred James ( Bluesland Productions/R.O.A.D. Records has acquired the John Richbourg RICH label masters. He’ll be putting out unreleased stuff by Bobby Hebb (recorded in New Orleans), Jimmy Church and Rodge Martin. Fred says “There’s lots of really cool stuff in there…RICH didn’t put out much stuff on 45 rpm but the unreleased stuff is phenomenal”…does anyone know what happened to California Blues Harp Ace Red Archibald? Let us know hear at REAL BLUES…



JUNE 16, 2012!


by Harry Manx & Kevin Breit 

Listen to the harp and electric guitar over the "Bobby Gentry" style-acoustic!  Nice work!

A new Harry Manx and Kevin Breit CD is always full of eclectic musical delights, and for Strictly Whatever each of the two guitarists brought a number of different original songs to the table, plus unique covers of Bobby Hebb’s classic, “Sunny;” and the John Lee Hooker chestnut, “Mr. Lucky.”

Speaking of John Lee Hooker and Bobby Hebb, the editor of this blog just wrote the liner notes to a new John Lee Hooker DVD taped in 1974.

We were thinking of adding the Battle records John Lee Hooker tracks as a "bonus" but maybe on another CD, an audio of John Lee's we're negotiating for right now.  This will happen WHEN we verify that these are the tracks Bobby told me he played on for John Lee Hooker.

From the liner notes: 

On Saturday, July 6, 1974, Mississippi-Delta bluesman John Lee Hooker was one of the star attractions at an all-day festival attended by 6,000 people. The event in the town of Gardner Massachusetts was called "Down in the Dumps" perhaps the first in what was proposed as a series of musical events to be held in the city landfill area. Luckily, very luckily, Hooker's performance was captured on a three camera shoot and broadcast on cable television in local cities and towns.

Track Listing: It Serves You Right to Suffer, Sweet Sweet Thing, Boom Booom, Whiskey & Women, Boogie, Encore/Medley

Run Time: 45 min

Hi Res DVD Cover Art:


45901 - John Lee Hooker - No More Doggin' / I Need Some Money - 1962
45902 - Bobby and Sylvia - You Broke My Heart And I Broke Your Jaw / I Wanna Know - 1962

IS Bobby Hebb one of the guitarists on the "No More 
Doggin' 45 from John Lee Hooker?
Smash 1740 - Just A Little Bit More / Walk Me On Alone – 1962
Boom 60017 - Betty Jo From Ohio / Sam Hall Jr. – 1966
Scepter 12166 - I Love Mary (Part 1) / I Love Mary (Part 2) – 1966
Philips 40365 - Sunny* / Bread - 1966 *Written In Memory Of His Brother Hal Hebb (Died 23-November-1963 - A Former Member Of The Sunbeams And The Marigolds).
Philips 40400 - A Satisfied Mind / Love Love Love – 1966
Philips 40421 - Crazy Baby / Love Me – 1966
Philips 40431 - My Pretty Sunshine / Ooh La La – 1967
Philips 40448 - I Love Everything About You / Some Kind Of Magic – 1967
Philips 40482 - Everything Is Coming Up Roses / Bound By Love – 1967
Philips 40551 - Dreamy / You Want To Change Me – 1968
Cadet 5690 - I Was A Boy When You Needed A Man / Woman In The Window – 1972
Laurie 3632 - Truly I Love You / Proud Soul Heritage – 1975
Laurie 3638 - Sunny '76 / Sunny (Disco) – 1976
Crystal Ball 464-33 - Judy / Evil Woman -


Click To hear the rare track from Cecil called "Nashville Jumps" as well as a 29 minute history of Nashville R&B featuring Bobby Hebb - "Sunny", The Prisonaires - "Just Walkin' in the Rain", Christine Kittrell - "Sittin' Here Drinking", Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson - "Soul Shake", all in just 4 well compressed megabytes 


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