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Ben Solar REMIXES "Sunny" by Bobby Hebb



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Bobby Hebb - Sunny (Ben Solar Remix) // Downloadable! 

This is such a nice song! and it had the potential to be a great dance song. So why not. I made my choice :)

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There's also the Pillowtalk Soul Edit by Abysmal Rhythm
Abysmal Rhythm



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Happy Holidays from all of us at Level 1! Check out our Sunny Remix- a 5+ minute mashup of some of our favorite shots and moments from this past year. Check the 55-minute feature film available in for download, rental, or hard copy!
Now available on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/movie/sunny-level-1/id566810053
Also available on Vimeo: vimeo.com/sunny
Also available on BluRay and DVD: level1productions.com/products.cfm?CatID=40

Shot on Location in:
Sun Valley, ID - Portes Du Soleil, Switzerland - Flachauwinkl, Austria - Breckenridge, CO - Japan - Alaska - Denver, CO - British Columbia - Stevens Pass, WA - Crystal Mountain, WA 0 Mt Hood, OR - Arizona - Turkey - Finland - Sweden - Arctic Circle
Directed by Josh Berman and Kyle Decker
Produced by Josh Berman
Principal Cinematography By Josh Berman, Kyle Decker, Freedle Coty
Edited By Josh Berman, Kyle Decker, and Freedle Coty

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bobby Hebb in the news October 26, 2013

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  1. '60s songwriter/producer Jerry Ross gets Philly's Walk of Fame nod

    Philly.com-Oct 22, 2013
    As a producer, it was Bobby Hebb's "Sunny," which boasts 560 cover versions. It is No. 25 on BMI's top songs of the 20th century. As he moved ...
  2. "Dreiklang" bietet vielseitigen Kulturgenuss

    Neue Westfälische-Oct 13, 2013
    Mit swingenden Versionen populärer Songs, wie "'s wonderful" von George Gershwin oder "Sunny" von Bobby Hebb heizten sie die Stimmung ...

    BACH, CHOPIN FAN TELLS BOBBYHEBB.COM that this show in Germany was "WELL ROUNDED"
    With "jazz without stress" offered Bernhard eye and his "Weimar jazz trio" an easy introduction to the evening. With swinging versions of popular songs, such as "'s wonderful" by George Gershwin or "Sunny" by Bobby Hebb they heated up the atmosphere in the auditorium before they surprised and delighted with interpretations of classical composers such as Bach and Chopin.

    translated from:
    Mit "Jazz ohne Stress" bot Bernhard Auge und sein "Weimarer Jazz Trio" einen leichten Einstieg in den Abend. Mit swingenden Versionen populärer Songs, wie "’s wonderful" von George Gershwin oder "Sunny" von Bobby Hebb heizten sie die Stimmung in der Aula an, bevor sie überraschten und begeisterten mit Interpretationen klassischer Komponisten wie Bach und Chopin.

  3. Der Rapper Cro kommt am Donnerstag wieder nach Freiburg

    Badische Zeitung-Oct 2, 2013
    Der Song, in dem "Sunny" von Soul-Künstler Bobby Hebb aus dem Jahr 1966 gesampelt wird, war der Startschuss für Cros unvergleichliche ...
  4. Al Festival d'Autunno ovazione per Nina Zilli e Fabrizio Bosso

    Musicalnews.com-Oct 10, 2013
    “Cupid” di Sam Cooke, “My baby just cares for me” di Nina Simone, “Sunny” di Bobby Hebb, “Cry to me” di Solomon Burke, “Tell mama” di Etta ...
  5. Catanzaro, grande successo per Nina Zilli e Fabrizio Bosso

    Strill.it-Oct 6, 2013
    Grande eleganza nell'interpretazione di classici come “My baby just cares” di Nina Simone, “Sunny” di Bobby Hebb e “Will you still love ...

    Le riletture “jazzy” hanno mantenuto l’idea originale di tutti i brani. Grande eleganza nell’interpretazione di classici come “My baby just cares” di Nina Simone, “Sunny” di Bobby Hebb e “Will you still love tomorrow” delle Shirelles. Ma uno su tutti ha esaltato la vena musicale di Bosso e del suo gruppo. “Love is a losing game”, quella che può essere considerata l’ultima gemma di Amy Winehouse, ha vissuto due momenti di profonda emozione. Dapprima con una versione lunga e sofferta, nella quale Bosso e la sua band si sono lasciati andare ad assolo intimi e appassionati. Più lenta dell’originale, il brano ha vissuto una nuova vita, facendolo entrare di diritto tra i nuovi classici della musica soul. Durante il bis con la versione vocale cantata dalla Zilli. Una maggiore intensità ed una profonda sofferenza sono state il valore aggiunto di una esecuzione da brividi.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Barrence Whitfield in POP MATTERS with cover of Hebb classic "Bread"



Like any self-respecting bluesman, Whitfield’s got a bad woman (“My Baby Didn’t Come Home”, “Show Me Baby”) and a lowpaying job (a killer take on Bobby Hebb’s money-makes-the-world-go-round “Bread”), but he doesn’t let it get him down; in fact, dude’s having a blast –

Congratulations SUNNY producer Jerry Ross

Jerry Ross Inducted October 24 to the PHILADELPHIA MUSIC ALLIANCE WALK OF FAME!

SUNNY producer JERRY ROSS to be inducted on Thursday to the Philadelphia Music Alliance Walk of Fame

Oct. 22--WHEN Jerry Ross is inducted into the Philadelphia Music Alliance Walk of Fame on Thursday, he tells me, his mind will be on the stars. Not the stars whose music he has produced over a long career -- Jay & the Techniques, Spanky & Our Gang, Jerry Butler, Dee Dee Warwick, the Duprees, the Dreamlovers, the Sapphires -- but an astronaut named Jerry Ross (no relation). But more on that later.

"Venus" wasn't his biggest hit. As a songwriter, it was "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me." As a producer, it was Bobby Hebb's "Sunny," which boasts 560 cover versions. It is No. 25 on BMI's top songs of the 20th century.

As he moved up in the recording industry, his titles eventually included A&R (artists & repertoire) director for Mercury Records, and Motown vice president for new talent.

60's  songwriter/producer Jerry Ross gets Philly's Walk of Fame nod



Jerry Ross and the Northern Soul scene



Ailing Ross

Songwriter Jerry Ross, profiled yesterday by our own Stu Bykofsky, will not be able to attend his induction to the Philadelphia Music Alliance Walk of Fame because he's in Nazareth Hospital. Get well soon, Jerry!

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/entertainment/20131023_Larry_Mendte_no_longer_with_New_York_TV_station.html#hQ17dXSdQ3QlfUpX.99

NEWS FLASH: Jerry is in the hospital. Just found this on the web. GET WELL SOON, JERRY

Ailing Ross
SongwriterJerry Ross, profiled yesterday by our ownStu Bykofsky, will not be able to attend his induction to the Philadelphia Music  Alliance Walk of Fame because he's in Nazareth Hospital. Get well soon,
Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/entertainment/20131023_Larry_Mendte_no_longer_with_New_York_TV_station.html#hQ17dXSdQ3QlfUpX.99 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Free Download of "SUNNY" by AURIEMMA new versions John Hurlahe and Small cover


Auriemma performing "Sunny" 

(B. Hebb)  Portable Music BMI


Who is Auriemma?

Singer/Songwriter & musician for over 35 years.I 

perform all of my music.I write as personal as I can & 

love telling the stories behind my songs.Back in the 

ring  for live performances on a very personal medium.




Editor Joe Viglione writes:

This sparse folk version sounds a lot like early Richie Havens with an intriguing guitar lead under the rendition. Nice!  
JOHN HURLAHE performing "Sunny"


Uploaded on Jan 19, 2010
One of my friends, Cameron McGraw, recently made me a mixed CD with a bunch of music on it that I might not normally listen to. The original Bobby Hebb version of "Sunny" was on that album, and I've found myself listening to it quite a bit. If you like this version (or even if you don't) you should give the original a listen too... it's great.

Anyway, this is my take on "Sunny." Hope you enjoy



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Sunny from GIRLS' GENERATION performs Bobby Hebb's "SUNNY"

GIRLS' GENERATION singer "SUNNY" performing Bobby Hebb's classic "SUNNY"


Korean Singer Sunny (Lee Sun Kyu)   "Sunny"


Birth name Lee Soon-kyu ()
Also known as Soon-kyu
Born May 15, 1989 (age 24),
Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres K-pop
Occupations Singer, dancer, MC, DJ, promotional model, actress
Instruments Vocals, flute
Years active 2007–present
Labels S.M. Entertainment
  Girls' Generation
SM Town



Luis Miguel "Sunny"


Luis Miguel - Sunny Viña del mar 1990


Sunny - Luis Miguel - (Viña 1990)



Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vimeo / the SUNNY BANK U.K. commercial


Sunny Commercial (Instrumental Creation)

When the UK based online banking group Sunny.co.uk decided to produce television commercials for their special rates, only the song by Bobby Hebb “Sunny” would do. Unfortunately the singers voice clashed with the messaging during synchronization, and no instrumental version or separated elements were available in Universal Music Group’s vaults.

Audionamix had 2 solutions to this particular problem: create audio sync tracks where the producers were free to raise or lower Bobby Hebb’s voice, or create an instrumental version of the song by separating the voice from the music. Universal decided to ask for an instrumental version, thereby obtaining, once and for all, a new instrumental asset for its numerous synchronization requests on Sunny.

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SUNNY - the singer from the group GIRLS' GENERATION sings Bobby Hebb's "Sunny" and has a Twitter account too!  Join her here:

Sunny from Girls' Generation hairstyle blog

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