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The Beatles and Liberace ...what did they have in common?

The Beatles performed on tour with Bobby Hebb
Liberace performed "Sunny" by Bobby Hebb

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Review of Behind the Candelabra

Review of the Liberace DVD

Liberace The Sound of Love, featuring "Sunny"

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By Joe Viglione / Sitting In
Posted Aug 12, 2010 @ 04:01 PM
Bobby Hebb was born in Nashville, Tenn., on July 26, 1938, but lived a good part of his life in Salem and Rockport. One of his first publishers was John R. (nee John Richbourg), owner of “Cape Ann Music,” a name that might have generated the initial seed for Bobby to seek out the wonders of this region. Or perhaps it was Bobby’s father that suggested Cape Ann as a wonderful place to live.
Either way, or both, Salem and Rockport enjoyed the presence of a musical giant best known for a song that must have over 1,000 “cover versions” at this point in time, the immortal “Sunny.”
On Aug. 3, just a week and a day after his 72nd birthday, we lost this unique, wonderful and quite amazing human being. One of Bobby’s sisters, Shirley, told me that Bobby was with 10 of his loved ones, including his daughter, when he passed away very peacefully at 10:50 a.m. Central time in Nashville.
Jerry Garcia said on the passing of Janis Joplin: “Death only matters to the person that’s dying. The rest of us are going to live without that voice. For those of us for whom she was a person, we’ll have to do without the person.”
It will be hard living without that friendly, upbeat, “sunny” voice calling me so frequently and always opening with: “How are you feeling, Joe?” Bobby and I were working on a new album, “Bobby Hebb Live,” going over the material he had recorded in concert over the past 15 years, but also we talked of the music of other artists, things of a philosophical nature and life in Boston and life in Nashville.
To those who drop in on Ted Cole’s Music, 30 Church St. in Salem, or the Record Exchange, 256 Washington St., you may want to look for an obscure 45 RPM on Crystal Ball Records. That single, “Judy,” was how I met Bobby Hebb after purchasing a copy in the 1980s at Cheapo Records in Central Square, Cambridge. I wrote to the Salem-based label and was pleasantly surprised to get a personal letter from Bobby Hebb himself.
It was in 1995, perhaps 10 years later, that I invited Mr. Hebb on to my public access show “Visual Radio” for program No. 3. A song from that 50-minute TV show, “Cut It Out (You’re Always Running Your Mouth)” was written by a school chum of Bobby’s from Nashville, Little Willie Brown. In the days since his passing thousands of people have viewed it, which is terrific for a very special reason: They are seeing the genius of the guitar player who did sessions for John Lee Hooker, Roscoe Shelton, Dave “Baby” Cortez and so many others.

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The general public just doesn’t know the importance and influence of Bobby’s music outside of the big, big all-time hit, “Sunny.” On the two minutes and 44 seconds of “Cut It Out,” you can view Hebb’s hands and intuitive feel of the guitar ... astonishing power that was up there on YouTube for people to view since Jan. 4, 2009, after airing on public access originally in 1995 and in re-runs in the years since. But that’s the problem, isn’t it? As a former booking agent said in a phone message to me, “You’re probably busy writing about Bobby, now that everyone suddenly cares about him because he’s gone.”
My colleague from California who left that message was partially correct. Yes, the world-at-large gives greater focus when people from the art and entertainment worlds have left this mortal coil, but there are some of us who knew of the brilliance of Bobby Hebb before he was taken from us, and who so appreciated his kindness and his incredible work.

Read more: Remembrance: The great Bobby Hebb, 'Sunny' and beyond - Wicked Local, MA - North of Boston
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Joe Viglione reviews HERE'S LIBERACE


With one side almost 20 minutes and the other clocking in at 13 and a half, this MCA reissue of Here's Liberace, a concert performance recorded live at the Palladium, is what you expect from the maestro. After a little chatter about his jacket, he tickles the ivories on Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" and "I Got Rhythm." For those who underestimate the pianist -- don't. Liberace was more than running scales and showmanship -- his variations on Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht's "Mack the Knife" are tremendous here, mixing the pop song with Strauss, Beethoven, and other masters. His touch on the keys is as elegant as always, taking "Mack the Knife" again and turning it into a rhumba. The accompanying band is understated, the horns and percussion in the background allowing the piano to be the star of the show. There's self-deprecating humor that he's heard all the stories about himself and claims to have started them. That's quickly followed by gay humor preceding the tune "Jalousie," which brings the house down. The Paris medley contains "The Last Time I Saw Paris," "The River Seine," "Autumn Leaves," "The Poor People of Paris," and "Can Can," which are all very entertaining, but it is when he has the audience sing on "You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want to Do It)" that the listener gets a glimpse of the greatness of pianist/performer Liberace. Clocking in at 33 minutes, the album is short and sweet, but effective.
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Sunny is not on this CD

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