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Bobby Hebb on two new compilations

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Various Artists
Born to Be Together: The Songs of Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil


[-] by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
A companion volume to Ace's 2009 collection Glitter & Gold: Words and Music by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil -- both belong to Ace's ongoing Songwriter series, which splices rarities and interesting covers with easily recognizable hits -- the 2013 compilation Born to Be Together: The Songs of Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil does indeed contain a classic or two not heard on the first Mann & Weil collection.



Sunny is Track 8, Disc 2 on a new LOVE SONGS OF THE 60s


by Al Campbell
Time Life's Classic Love Songs of the '60s: Sealed with a Kiss is a two-disc set highlighting 32 singles from that decade. These are the original versions of radio favorites by such artists as the Mamas & the Papas, Marvin Gaye, Patsy Cline, Mary Wells, the Moody Blues, the Righteous Brothers, Dusty Springfield, and the Grass Roots. Not a bad compilation...


Thanks to our historian, Richard Ely


* (new addition, as of 5/1/13)
1001 (plus 80 downloads)

Ambos *Seelos Show  EMI 13C062-33961                Smile and Dance (Switzerland)
Awe, Dennis                 Intercontinental IC203  An Evening With The Velvet Touch, Vol. 1& Vol. 2
                                                                                    *(2 different cover inserts)
Boney M                      *Tshauryang TP-3573              The Best Of Boney M (Asia)
                                    *Arcade 289003                      Fitness “Dancing (German comp)
                                    *Tempo LP7201                      Sunny – Musikbox Vol. 1 (German comp)
                                    *Melodiya C60-12269/70        Raduga (comp, Russia)
Borelly, Jean Claude     *Telefunken 6.24283                Profile (Germany)
Brown, Maxine *Epic BN26395(WLP)            Out Of Sight
Cher                             *Liberty LP-8497                    Sunny (red EverClean wax, Japan)
Conniff, Ray                 *Sony SONP 50301                Jean (Japan, w/ lyric insert)
*Crystal Sounds Orch.Polydor MR4504                      Red Rose (Japan, w/ obi)
*De Boys An’ Dem      Atillana LP-6000                      De Boys An’ Dem (gfold, Trinidad)
Doonican, Val              *Pye NPL18321(M)                Sounds Gentle (UK)
Fernandez, Ray            Sound Triangle ST7778(dj?)*   El Ray De La Salsa (Colombia, for DARO Int’l.)*
Sound Triangle ST7778            El Ray De La Salsa (Colombia, for DARO Int’l.)*
*Gilla                           Hansa 28 492OT                     Lieh Mich Aus (w/ poster, Germany)
                                    Hansa 200 314-231                 Gilla – Star Discothek (Germany)
*Hara, Nobuo              Columbia YS-10038J               Forest Flower (gfold, Japan)
Hatch, Tony                 *Pye NSPL18164                    A Latin Happening (UK, mono jkt)
Hebb, Bobby               Philips BL7740(M)                   Sunny *(UK, 1st press; laminated front, paste-up back                                                                                     covers)
*High, Martha &          Freestyle RLP096                    Soul Overdrive (UK)
*Hill, Freddy                Cuca KS-71-1                         For The Good Times (correction from Freddy Hall)
*Kingston, Hardy         MCA MAPS 2173                  High Life Music (Germany)
Lamont, Duncan           *MFP MFP5093                     Best Of The Bossa Novas (Italy)
*Layton, Roger            SRT 78115                              My Favourites (UK)
Lettermen, The *Capitol STM21496                Los Lettermen En Mexico (Mexico)
Mauriat, Paul                *Power Exchange PXL027      Two Sides Of Paul Mauriat (UK)
Mellow Fruitfulness       *Odeon URL OP-8278           A Whiter Shade Of Pale (red wax, Japan)
Morris, Sarah Jane       *Liberation LIB 5185(dj)         Sarah Jane Morris (Australia)
Music Minus One         MMO 1053                             Do Your Own Thing (13 Rhythm Backgrounds) w/
                                                                                    Rich Mattheson Quartet *(blue jacket)
*MMO 1053                           Do Your Own Thing (13 Rhythm Backgrounds) w/
                                                                                    Rich Mattheson Quartet (pink jacket, w/ book)
New Classic Singers     *Capitol T2599(M)                  Big Hit Sounds Of The New Classic Singers (PROMO
Reese, Della                 *HMV CLP3605(M)               One More Time! (UK)
Rhapsody                     Melodiya 33C60-12195-6       I Hurry To Your Love (Russia, red label)*
                                    *Melodiya 33C60-12195-6     I Hurry To Your Love (Russia, pink label)

Smith, Jimmy                *Verve SVLP9253                  Groove Drops (UK)
                                    *Verve 2317 019(RI)               Groove Drops (UK, SELECT series)
                                    *Verve 2632-001                    Jazz History – Vol 1 (2LP, Germany)
Starr Orch., Eddy         *Keser KE002                         Guitaresque (gfold, Germany)
Tsunoda, Hiro              *Philips 16Y-13                       The Best (W/ OBI, Japan)
*Turner, Claudia           DHS 4673                               Claudia Turner with David Wells
U.S. Air Force Band    *Program 366                          Serenade In Blue (radio show)
*Violinos Magicos        Musidisc 607.7053                   Violinos Magicos/3 (Brazil)
*Waidele’s Conver-     RR Records 090588                It’s All In Your Head (2 LP, Germany, Jim Webb
            sation Orch.                                                      credit)

Al Russ Orchestra        *Grenn 14235                              ?      Sunny Cha/Yellow Bird (round dance/call sht)
Boney M                      *Melodyia 62-07333-4                ?      Sunny/Daddy Cool (blue flexi, PS w/ titles +                                                                                        nos, Russia)                             
                                    *Melodyia 62-07333-4                ?      Sunny/Daddy Cool (blue flexi, PS w/o titles +                                                                                      nos, Russia)
Caravelli                       *CBS EP 12075                          ?      Sunny + 3, PS, France
Criss, Sonny                 *Prestige SMJ-1027                    ?      Sunny/Up, Up And Away (PS, Japan)
Fame, Georgie              *Columbia DSA 687                1966    Sunny/Don't Make Promises (South Africa)
                                    *Odeon 33-3514                         ?      Sunny/No Hagas Promesas (Uruguay)
Hebb, Bobby               *Emidisc 1-sided acetate             ?      Sunny (UK)
Kenton, Stan                *Capitol K23 714                        ?      Sunny/Dragnet (PS, Germany)
Mabley, Moms *Mercury MF1127(dj)     ?      Sunny/Abraham, Martin and John(UK)
Malvicino                     *CEM 3004                                 ?      The Latin Touch Of … – Sunny + 3, PS, Spain
Marco, Ray                  Thunderbird 508                       1970    Sunny/More (Sung In Italian) *(Herb)
Mauriat, Paul                *Philips 373 944 BF                    ?       Sunny/Tengo Miedo (“J’ai Peur”) (PS, Spain)
                                    Fonogram 373944BF(dj)*          ?       Sunny/Tengo Miedo (“J’ai Peur”) (PS, Spain)
*Promdan, Plern           Star ST-573                                ?       Sunny/? (Thailand)
*Tilt-Down Men, The   D’Swan DS-1204                        ?      Sunny/Big Time Operator (Philippines)
Yambu                         Sonolux 1976(DELETE)              ?      Sunny/Caballo (Colombia)
*Sonolux 11-11344                 1976   Sunny/Caballo (Colombia)

7” EP’s:
*Aldrich, Ronnie           London LS523             1969    Love Is Blue - Sunny + 3, hard PS, Japan
Mauriat, Paul                *Philips 424 503 BE                     ?      Paul Mauriat #3 – Sunny + 3, hard PS, Portugal
*Tempo, Nino &          London EPP-871                     1967    All Strung Out – Sunny + 3, hard PS, Mexico
            April Stevens
Williams, Andy *MTR 143                                   ?      Sunny + 3, PS, Thailand

10” EP’s, SINGLES:

12” Singles:
Boney M                      *Edel 0090760                             ?     Sunny – 2 mixes + 1 (UK)
Yambu                         *Vampi Soul 45056                 2012    Sunny/Hippopotamus (EU, reworked by The
                                                                                                Whiskey Barons, 196/300)

*Fluitar             Self                                          Interweavings
*Prince & the NPG      NPG --                                                One Night Alone … The Aftershow; It Ain’t Over
*Sophie                        TTM 09032                             Sunny (promo CD single)

Jazz Three, The            Superscope A023-T                 Daytripper (cassette, Kazuo Yashiro)



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