Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hebb/Beatles Tour 1966 - Day off - August 22, 1966 Beatles Press Conference

The Beatles/Bobby Hebb did not perform on August 20, 22, 24th, 26 and the 27th
On the 22nd there was a Press Conference.
Beatles Press Conference August 22, 1966

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  Beatles Junior Press Conference, NYC 8/22/1966

On August 20th 1966, with just two days before the Beatles arrival in New York City, Gary Stevens and 'The Good Guys' at radio station WMCA invited Beatles fans to take part in a contest -- the winners of which would attend a Beatles Junior Press Conference on August 22nd, and would be able to talk directly with the Beatles.

Gary Stevens stated just after the one-of-a-kind event, "We were cordially invited to invite 75 lucky guys and gals to attend a special Beatles Junior Press Conference... The (kids) did a great job, and I'll tell you something, the Beatles got such a kick out of it. I could tell they were really digging it."


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