Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sid Bernstein, Rest in Peace

We met Sid Bernstein at the Intercollegiate Broadcast Seminar in New York some years back. He was very cordial, a very nice man to give of his time to the college students, for free.

Sid Bernstein passed away.   He is part of Beatles' legend.

  the group's manager Brian Epstein released a statement.
This tour compares phenomenally well with last year's. It's much better all round this year, from the point of view of increased interest and we are actually playing to bigger audiences. Here in Los Angeles, for example, 36,000 people saw The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl. Today's concert at Dodger Stadium is attracting 10,000 more. People have been saying things about diminishing popularity, but all one can go by is attendances, which are absolutely huge. By the time we leave, 400,000 people will have seen this series of shows, and Sid Bernstein has already delivered his formal invitation to The Beatles to return to Shea Stadium for him in the summer of 1967.


The Beatles Let Them Be

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