Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 15, 1966 Washington DC, 6th Beatles' Show, 4th date

Bobby Hebb with the Beatles in 1966
Day 4
Show #6
Washington DC 

15 August 1966 Washington, D.C.

2 shows on August 12, 1966 
2 shows on August 13, 1966
1 show on August   14, 1966
1 show on August   15, 1966

Beatles Press Conference
August 15, 1966, 47 years ago today



Ticket Stub and Concert Promo book

Herb Hunter
02-15-2013, 11:43 AM
Unfortunately, I haven't seen Paul McCartney, live, since August 15, 1966 at the DC Stadium in Washington, DC. The Ronettes, Bobby Hebb and the Cyrkle were the opening acts.

During one of the songs, a spectator jumped over what looked like a snow fence in front of the stands, ran over to the stage setup on second base and tried to jump on John Lennon's back while the Beatles were in the middle of a song. John dodged him and by then the police reached the stage and escorted the guy away. During some songs, the fans were screaming so loudly that I couldn't identify the song being played.

The price of each admission ticket which my father bought for me and my two siblings was $5.00, which seemed rather high price at the time and is the rough equivalent of 35.5 in today's dollars.

I hope I have an opportunity to see Paul again, especially now that he plays Beatle songs at his concerts.

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