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Bobby Hebb News December 30, 2020 ....Lots to Talk About!

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DECEMBER 30, 2020

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1)Billy Eilish "Sunny" noted as one of her best 7 covers!

2) Letter to Rolling Stone re: Charley Pride

3)Most Recorded Songs of All Time

Sunny #34



#1 Billy Eilish

Bobby Hebb's SUNNY is listed as one of the 7 best Billie Eilish covers for 2020...and one of them is #Yesterday, a song McCartney performed on tour in 1966 with Bobby Hebb playing "Sunny" during his set on the same tour!

Billie Eilish best covers:

‘Sunny’ – Bobby Hebb

Performed as part of one of many livestreams that have littered 2020, Eilish took on the classic song ‘Sunny’ from Bobby Hebb and made it a cracker. This event for the World Health Organisation and Global Citizen welcomed Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones as part of the performance, but Eilish stole the show.

Sitting next to her brother and producer Finneas, Eilish takes on the song, ‘Sunny’, which she says “made me feel good and I wanted to make you guys feel good.” It’s a beautiful cover, flecked with the brevity of the situation we’re all in while attempting to offer some warmth and a light at the end of the tunnel. Now that we can see that light, it makes this emotional cover all the more poignant.

‘Yesterday’ – The Beatles

Billie Eilish took on one of the most iconic songs ever written and somehow made it unique and timeless at the same time. The Oscars is a big stage for any performer, but for the teenager, it posed one of her biggest audiences to date. Perhaps with a degree of unwitting foresight, she ditched performing her soon-to-be classic James Bond theme song ‘No Time To Die.’ Instead, Eilish picked up The Beatles and Paul McCartney’s universal anthem ‘Yesterday’ and made it her own.

Alongside her brother Finneas, they sat by the piano as the In Memorium section of the evening began; The Oscars paid tribute to stars of the industry who have passed away since the last awards ceremony including Kobe Bryant, Rip Torn, Doris Day and Peter Mayhew to name a few.

The performance was more than worthy of the occasion, and Eilish’s vocals were as perfectly balanced between raw talent and expert expression as they’ve ever been.

2)LETTER TO ROLLING STONE   Sun, Dec 13 at 2:51 PM

Rolling Stone
475 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10017

RE: Charlie Pride on Grand Ole Opry

Dear Rolling Stone,

Thank you for Joseph Hudak's wonderful story on Charley Pride in your pages.  I believe there should be a correction, though.
Bobby Hebb, composer/singer of the mega hit "Sunny" played the Grand Ole Opry after DeFord Bailey but long before Charlie Pride,
according to a source at the Country Music Hall of Fame . org   

Mr. Hudak writes this: "...and was the first African-American performer to appear on the Grand Ole Opry stage since Deford Bailey made his debut in the 1920s. Pride became an Opry member in 1993. In 2000, he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame."

There are a couple of photos of Bobby and Charlie together backstage at Opry in 2004, prior to Bobby's passing on August 3, 2010
from the same source at the Country Music Hall of Fame..

A Tumblr account, Roots Rock Weirdo, writes this:

WSM executive Jim Denny reportedly pointed Bobby (Hebb) in Owen Bradley’s direction, and he began performing with Bradley’s orchestra. Roy Acuff soon caught Bobby in action and invited him to sing, dance and play the spoons as a member of the Smokey Mountain Boys.

Music journalist Bill Dahl writes, “It was all but unheard of for a country star to spotlight an African-American in a featured musical role. Harmonica specialist DeFord Bailey had been a member of the Opry from 1927 to 1941, but he was ancient history by the time Bobby came under Roy’s protective wing. Hebb toured the South as part of Acuff’s troupe, the hillbilly star ensuring that the youngster was treated with respect. Bobby even stayed in the same hotel room as Roy and his wife and son.”


Joe Viglione  
Producer, SUNNY: THE BOBBY HEBB STORY (boxed set, in production)


Most covered songs of all time

Monday, December 14th 2020, 9:04 AM CST
By: Angela Underwood



- Covers: 134
The list for “Sunny” covers goes on and on with some of the most famous and unexpected voices emulating the 1966 tune, including Captain Spock (Leonard Nimoy) of “Star Trek,” Cher, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, and Marvin Gaye. By 1976, German disco band Boney M. added a unique flavor to the song, which got remixed in 2000 and 2006. Along with the features in movies and television, “Sunny” has been sung by Frank Sinatra and Duke Ellington, Bill Cosby, Bryan Adams, and TLC.

January 1, 2021 SUNNY SONG OF THE DAY Here’s an early Christmas present for the whole bluegrass community – a new album from Tim Stafford.
Entitled Tunes & Ballads, it contains 16 songs and tunes Tim has written, all recorded in small ensembles or solo, including 10 instrumentals and 7 vocals, with a cover of Sunny, a pop/soul hit for Bobby Hebb in 1963. This one is set for release on December 16, and pre-orders will not only ship for free, they will also receive a free copy of Tim’s 2004 album, Endless Line, sent in time for Christmas.

 5)Politician Refers to himself as Bobby Hebb

 Many spoke of Bliss' intelligence, good humor, compassion and noted appreciation for all the work he has accomplished on the legislative committee. He in turn and with characteristic modesty, likened himself to Bobby Hebb opening for the Beatles, as the conversation turned to Anderson's retirement.

 "It's not easy," said Anderson. "But it's time."

He in turn and with characteristic modesty, likened himself to Bobby Hebb opening for the Beatles, as the conversation turned to Anderson's retirement ...

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