Monday, August 17, 2015

Beatles / Bobby Hebb Tour August 17, 1966 MAPLE LEAF GARDENS

Live: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada

 The sixth date of The Beatles' final tour with Bobby Hebb in 1966 took place at the Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto. It was their only Canadian stop on the tour.

Two concerts took place. The first took place at 4pm and was seen by 15,000 people, and the second began at 8pm and was attended by 17,000. The Beatles had played at Maple Leaf Gardens on two prior occasions, on 7 September 1964 and 17 August 1965.

Here's 1964 footage of the Beatles in Canada performing

Chicago August 12th 2 shows
Detroit August 13th 2 shows
Cleveland August 14 1 show
Washington DC 8/15 1 show
Philadelphia 8/16/66 1 show

Toronto         8/17/66 1 show
Boston           8/18/66 1 show'_1966_US_tour

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