Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Beatles / Hebb Shows 16 and 17 out of 19; Our Top 10 for August 25


Shows 16 and 17 for Bobby Hebb / The Beatles
Seattle Center, 2 shows

14 stops, 19 shows
Five dates featured 2 shows - 

Chicago on August 12th
Detroit on August 13th 
Toronto on August 17th
Memphis on August 19th
Seattle on August 25
25 August 1966, two showsSeattleSeattle Cent

The shows in Cleveland the 14th, Washington D.C. the 15th,  Philadelphia the 16th, Boston the 18th, Cincinnati the 21st (the Bobby Hebb, the Remains, Cyrkle and Ronettes played on the 20th in Cincinnati; the Beatles were rained out that night,) St Louis the 21st, New York's Shea Stadium on the 23rd,  Los Angeles on the 28th and San Francisco on the 29th means that there were 19 Bobby Hebb performances. We have only one on audio tape and are seeking more film footage and audio tape.

Please contact hebb_project {@} yahoo.com if you have tapes and film or other photographs, news stories or your own memories of the events.  Thanks!


1 minute twelve second Beatles press conference in Seattle, August 25, 1966



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