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Ray Donovan - SUNNY - some information you may not know...

"Sunny" cover by Octavius J Johnson and Kerris Dorsey (Ray Donovan on Showtime)

Look at this comment on the web

Ray Donovan Sunny Cover by Octavius J. Johnson | Fromgirl
Sep 6, 2014 - I have not stopped playing the Sunny Cover by Octavius J. Johnson. ... Hopefully Showtime will offer fans a full track on iTunes soon enough!
Here is the breakdown on the versions of
"SUNNY' in the Sunny episode of
Octavius J. Johnson, the actor, is also a singer; this is perfect for him to release as a
download and cd single

Singer: Octavius J. Johnson
Basic Track: Marvin Gaye Mercury Mix II of "Sunny"

Track 1 edit of full "Sunny" all linked together  2:36

Track 2  4 indexes in between the breaks

segment 1   0:32

segment 2   0:25

segment 3   0:17

segment 4   1:19

Octavius J. Johnson Discusses ‘Ray Donovan’, Singing vs. Acting, More (EXCLUSIVE)

Could you tell us a bit about your character, and how you approach the role?
Just as an actor myself, and based on the craft, I looked at the first season and things I wanted to grow on. So I made some adjustments — some good adjustments, additions to Marvin Gaye’s personality over the person he was last season. It was fun to do that. It was a challenge as an actor to fall into Marvin more. As far as what goes on with Marvin this season, he sees Bridget more and they get to be themselves together. He does get to come back to Calabasas, and that doesn’t end up too well because Ray Donovan doesn’t like him too much, so that can get a little messy.

Do you have anything else coming down the pipeline that your fans can look forward to?
Just follow me on Twitter right now. My Twitter is @OctaviusJ_OLord and my Instagram is OctaviusJJohnson1. There’s a big thing I’m very excited to have a director’s session a few weeks ago, and I’m just working on some things. Like with Ray Donovan, it’s definitely leading to other things, so I’m grateful that casting directors know me when I walk in the room now. It’s a great industry-watched show as well, so it’s been great to be noticed.

 Personnel listing

Fans are saying - this should be a single

it should

Clear sounding  1:21 version

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