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Hannah Williams "Sunny" - in the news

Canal hiperactivicat /// "Sunny" per Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers - 08/08/14

Published on Sep 5, 2014

Delicious debut of Hannah Williams and band in Barcelona, with a concert full of feeling and soul British Club in Taranto, in the Festival organized by Blackcelona Mas i Mas.

Hannah Williams reafirma su candidatura al trono de diva del soul contemporáneo

Hannah Williams en el escenario.
Hannah Williams en el escenario. / Susana Godoy

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 'Do Whatever Makes You Feel Hot' sounds like what it is; a real hit with Williams reels off his impressive record and presence, distilling groove on all four sides and transmitting all that energy to the public. 'The Kitchen Strut' shows rapport with his band, with which Williams is allowed to joke from time to time-and the importance of the brass section in their old sound. 'Tell me Something (Liberties)' gives the jilted, deep and harrowing record, which contained Janis Joplin and lowering speeds. And it is in versions where we saw as London gets into the skin of other mythical endorsing songs. The mythical 'Sunny' Bobby Hebb starts spontaneous cries of those present in a version with jazzy trumpet and led by Williams touches, which after a long introduction that made us think it would be limited to the instrumental, voice explodes and leads to a protruding end.

 Hannah Williams was immediate; but when he made his appearance, preceded by six Tastemakers, night and anticipated high levels that were met with a long and intense concert that showed why no one who makes it worthy of the throne of Amy Winehouse or qualify the 'James female Brown '. 'Divine', with steep edges and delicious, sexy, torn when necessary, covering vocal and emotional records so varied that the viewer is left with the feeling of watching a crushing whirlwind on stage. Music Youth also blatant in this case, but with the way marked detail and clear intentions.

  1. Hannah Williams reafirma su candidatura al trono de diva del soul ...

    Las Provincias-Nov 17, 2014
    Hannah Williams se hizo esperar; pero cuando hizo su aparición, ... El mítico 'Sunny' de Bobby Hebb arranca gritos espontáneos de los allí ...

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    Not long after meeting the singer-songwriter Bobby Hebb, Tucker helped ... Royalties from "Sunny" allowed Tucker to pursue future business opportunities. ... opened a jazz club in Savannah called Hard-Hearted Hannah's, and played ... Herbie Hancock and Pharrell Williams performed Williams' hit &quot ...




    Pat Martino Organ Trio / Musicians : Pat Martino ( guitar) , Pat Bianchi ( Hammond organ ), Carmen Intorre (drums ) / Room : La Usina Arts / In Jazz Festival De Buenos Aires / Our opinion: very good.
    "I feel the past and not think too much about 
    Already on final , Pat Martino thanked " heart " the reception from the audience that filled the room, and looked forward to going back " again and again " . Funky hand pulse reversionado archi "Sunny" ( Bobby Hebb ) , the trio closed the concert with a refined groove laden between Hammond and guitar overdubs , some flashes of pop speech, drum solos and chord artfully corseted Martino characteristic melody .
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