Sunday, December 28, 2014

Craig Fenton reviews PROUD SOUL HERITAGE by Kitoto Von Hebb

Kitoto- Proud Soul Heritage (Recorded 2013 and mixed in 2014)

By Craig Fenton
author of Take Me to A Circus Tent
(Jefferson Airplane)  
and Have You Seen The Stars Tonite (Jefferson Starship)

In an industry filled with over-inflated egos it is extraordinarily rare that an artist seeks to open doors with their voice and not bloodline. 

Kitoto is actually Kitoto Von Hebb, the daughter of Soul legend Bobby Hebb (tragically passed away August 3rd, 2010).  Bobby having written one of the most famous songs of all-time (Sunny) and toured with the Beatles could present incalculable opportunities to Kitoto but her soul (heart and voice) will successfully provide entry into any setting without the nepotism.

Almost 40 years ago (1975) Bobby recorded Proud Soul Heritage.  As a tribute to dad, along with a powerhouse of a message to all of us with a heart it is only fitting that Steve Holley drummer extraordinaire (played and or recorded with Paul McCartney, Elton John, Chuck Berry, and Julian Lennon) is part of the recording.

Kitoto’s version of Proud Soul Heritage is as good of a Soul song released in decades.  Current styles of music Soul, Rock, Country, etc. have nothing in common with the true meaning of those genres, especially the glory days pre-1980.  Kitoto has scholarly knowledge of what Soul was all about and how to share it with any generation.  Her voice resonates notes that turn into silk and the inspired lyrical delivery can bring emotion to the stuffiest of individuals.

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