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Bobby Hebb in 12/4/14 Boston Herald with Beatles

  Also on the bill: The Ronettes, Bobby Hebb, The Remains and The Cyrkle.

Beatles Pack 'Em In--The Beatles had the fans hanging from the rafters for their appearance at Suffolk Downs in Boston Thursday night. Fans line a cross-beam to watch the British imports (top center). 1966

Throwback Thursday: Fans ‘Come Together’ to see Beatles at Suffolk

They may not have been the safest seats in the house, but if you were at Suffolk Downs on Aug. 18, 1966, a cross-beam balcony was probably your best shot at seeing the Beatles that day. The stage was set in the middle of the raceway, a mere 100 yards from the 25,000 screaming fans in attendance, and the Fab Four were driven to the platform in a limo. Hey, that’s how they rolled. Also on the bill: The Ronettes, Bobby Hebb, The Remains and The Cyrkle. We hope you’re sitting down: The priciest ticket was $5.75. “Help!” indeed.
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10 Legendary Rock Drummers

5. Ringo Starr - The Beatles
I love the fights people get into over whether or not Ringo was any good. Even if he was as lousy as his detractors claim — and I don’t believe so — how, then, did the band he was in manage to be more than just pretty good? Considering that the drummer is responsible for the energy of the band and the Beatles had lots of energy on their records, I’d have to say we can blame at least some of this on Ringo.
4. Charlie Watts - The Rolling Stones
Watts is pretty much acknowledged as being one of rock’s great drummers. Once in a while, you hear someone suggest he isn’t all that great because he doesn’t do more. But the man knows his place. He’s put up with Jagger, Richards, and Wood for decades, and as he told Keith Richards: He wasn’t Richards’s drummer, Richards was his guitar player. Exactly.
3. John Bonham - Led Zeppelin 


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