Friday, July 24, 2015

Saturday July 25, 2015 Octavius J. Johnson Sunny Song of the Day

The Marvin Gaye Mercury II Mix with 
Octavius Johnson

The Song of ' Sunny ' Ray Donovan teaser Bridge and Marvin Gaye 

  Time 1:21

The Song of ' Sunny ' Ray Donovan teaser Bridge & Marvin Gaye


2:10 version

Sunny" cover Song from Ray Donovan

Marvin Gaye Appreciation Thread


"Sunny" cover by Octavius J Johnson and Kerris Dorsey (Ray Donovan)

2:34 version


"Sunny" Cover Song Ray Donovan - Long Mix w/ Rap

4:18 version


♪ TRACK OF THE DAY | Marvin Gaye ✘ Sunny (Mercury edit II)

Marvin Marvin Marvin.  This is a real nice track to listen to on a slow nothing to do type day.  I'll be having this on repeat for the holiday weekend.  Sometimes its nice to do nothing, especially if you doing nothing but something during the week.  Make sense?  Anyways I hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend, I'm MIA til Monday. 

Marvin Gaye - Sunny (Mercury Edit II)




731 days of Bobby Hebb's 50th Anniversary of Sunny

Publishing 1965

Hit Record 1966
365 days in 2015

366 days in 2016, a leap year with February 29

Today is Day 204 of 731 DAYS IN THE 50 YEAR CELEBRATION OF THE PUBLISHING (1965)AND BOBBY'S #1 HIT (1966)  


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