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July 2 Dušan Ćalić Sunny Song of the Day

Two renditions of "Sunny" by Dušan Ćalić

Slow "Sunny"/Theme Rendition #1 here: 

Fast and Funky version:

My guitar cover of Sunny (theme / vocal melody), Bobby Hebb's timeless classic and a jazz standard. Boney M., Jamiroquai and Greg Howe (instrumental) have good versions of this song too.

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Name of the track: Sunny
Artist of the track: Bobby Hebb
Direct URL of the track:

Thank you to Mirjana Đorđević for the camera.
Thank you to Ilija Pavlović for the mics.

 Sunny - faster version by  Dušan Ćalić

Review by Joe Viglione

At two minutes and twenty-two seconds Dušan Ćalić's "Sunny" - fast and funky version - has an emphasis on Bobby's strong chord changes and the James Bond theme as well. Like a modern day Ventures, only with high energy,  The slower rendition features Dušan on acoustic rhythm doubled with electric lead, two cameras show the guitarist working the song, and it sounds just lovely. The rhythmic embellishments, from strums to running up the neck of the guitar with a variety of chord phrasings, complemented so nicely by the electric leads.    3:07 AM, July 3, JV review.

Ventures - slow, methodical "Sunny" with nice keyboards atop the guitars

Ventures played at 31 1/3 rpm instead of 33 1/3rd RPM

Dušan Ćalić July 2, 2015 Sunny Song of the Day 2 versions


731 days of Bobby Hebb's 50th Anniversary of Sunny

Publishing 1965

Hit Record 1966
365 days in 2015

366 days in 2016, a leap year with February 29

Today is Day 181 of 731 DAYS IN THE 50 YEAR CELEBRATION

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