Thursday, July 09, 2015

July 9 ORGANIC HEAT Sunny Song of the Day Thursday

SUNNY SONg of THE day, JULY 9, 2015

Peter Weltner Duo

Published on Jul 8, 2012

Orgel-Piano-Drums-Session aus der MusikSchmiede der artists agency in Lünen.

Sessionthema: SUNNY von Bobby Hebb.
Roland FP-4 Piano, Hammond SK2 (über Leslie 122) und Basspedal XPK-200-

Organ Piano Drums Music session in the artists agency in Luenen (Germany)
Session topic: SUNNY by Bobby Hebb.
Roland FP-4 piano, Hammond SK2 (Leslie 122) bass pedal XPK-200.

Artists: Peter Weltner (Hammond Endorser), Mike Holfeld. 

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