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Happy New Year from and Bobby

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It's December 30, 2013 and as the year winds down we are working diligently on the boxed set and enhancing our websites, Twitter and other social media.

Bobby Hebb's name is in a Top 10 List

Christophe Willem, le showman de la saison 4

Tous les téléspectateurs de la Nouvelle Star se rappellent du premier prime de Christophe Willem, en 2006 pendant la saison 4 du télé-crochet. Sur le morceau Sunny de Bobby Hebb, "La Tortue" a impressionné par son aisance, sa voix et son sens du show. Les producteurs de l'émission ne s'y tromperont d'ailleurs pas : ils le feront passer en dernier tous les primes suivants, histoire de faire monter l'audimat jusqu'à l'ultime prestation. Si, depuis, sa carrière solo est faite de hauts et de bas, Christophe Willem reste l'une des plus grandes révélations musicales du petit écran.

  1. Year in Review: Ben Tucker, 1930-2013

    Connect 24, 2013
    Ben and Gloria were married in 1966, the year that Bobby Hebb's "Sunny" — discovered and published by Ben Tucker, who'd known the Hebb ...
  2. Commentary: Farewell Candlestick, the Worst Stadium in Sports?

    KTXL-Dec 23, 2013
    Preceding them on stage were the Remains, Bobby Hebb, the Cyrkle and the Ronettes.  
  3. William Watson:

    Financial Post-Dec 4, 2013
    To the soundtrack of Bobby Hebb's 1966 hit, Sunny (“The dark days are gone now, the bright days are here”), determined-looking ordinary ...

We lost the great Ben Tucker this year.  A moment of silence for Ben, such an important figure in the story of "Sunny"

Year in Review: Ben Tucker, 1930-2013 

A jazz legend, a visionary business leader and a good friend

Ben and Gloria were married in 1966, the year that Bobby Hebb's "Sunny" — discovered and published by Ben Tucker, who'd known the Hebb family in his native Nashville — reached Number 2 in the national charts.

For a while, Gloria's husband would be out playing all night, come home to grab a few hours' sleep, then leave for his publishing office at 8 in the morning. "Ben was a very complex person," she says, "and extremely ambitious. Much more ambitious than I even realized."

Every morning, Gloria Tucker says, she wakes up and the first thing she thinks of is Ben. It's been just over six months since her husband of 47 years died, mowed down in his golf cart by a speeding car that should not have been there, and the shock and sorrow have not abated even a little.

"It's not easy," she says quietly, sitting in the sunny living room of the condo she and Ben bought in 1992, framed photos of him — and of them together — covering the walls.

Top 10 for December 30, 2013


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