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Final Game of Candlestick Park, San Francisco, December 23, 2013

Bobby Hebb performed at Candlestick Park with the Beatles in August of 1966

In December of 2013 the park is hosting its final game as I write on this blog


Live: Candlestick Park, San Francisco: The Beatles' final concert

 AUGUST 29, 1966

Candlestick Park was the home of the baseball team the San Francisco Giants. The stage was located just behind second base on the field, and was five feet high and surrounded by a six-foot high wire fence.
The compère was 'Emperor' Gene Nelson of KYA 1260 AM, and the support acts were, in order of appearance, The Remains, Bobby Hebb, The Cyrkle and The Ronettes. The show began at 8pm.
I was the MC, and, as any Giants fans will know, Candlestick Park in August, at night, was cold, foggy and windy. The funniest thing this night was one of the warm-up acts, Bobby Hebb. He stood up on the stage at Candlestick Park, with the fog, and the wind blowing, and he was singing 'Sunny'! It was tough anyway to work a ballpark as an MC, especially as The Beatles were taking their time to get out. I was trying to entertain a crowd that was shouting, 'Beatles, Beatles, Beatles.'




Candlestick holds many memories


 Waiting in the rain: The Candlestick field was called "The Quagmire." I can attests that is not an unearned moniker. It was prior to the NFC title game against Dallas in 1993. The weather was awful all week. My editor assigned me to go to the stadium on Tuesday and meet with the grounds crew and do a story on the game-day preparations 


Joe Montana won't attend final game at Candlestick Park

By Will Brinson | NFL Writer

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