Sunday, June 22, 2014

For Vol. 2 of the Bobby Hebb boxed set, some ideas

A second volume of "Sunny" renditions should include two of Bobby's favorites - Oscar Peterson and Eugen Cicero

There should be a jazz label that would love to issue this volume of Jazz players looking at "Sunny" from many possible angles -  or a DVD, The Sunny YOUTUBE Videos

Same take as above, another quarter of a million hits
has the names of all the players
Pat Martino LIVE album

Harvey Mason, Pat Martino and Tony Monaco "Sunny"

Ann Street Soul - nice "James Bond" arrangement

Bobby Hebb with Ron Carter

Jamiroquai live "Sunny"

Jamiroquai   (The group may have had a Volkswagon commercial on Sunny 10 years ago or so)
Yanbu   "Sunny"

Yambu on 'Soul Train"   1975 - way before Boney M,
and perhaps a bit like Bobby's own Sunny 76

Bobby Hebb SUNNY 76  (Listen how close to Yambu it is)

Sunny Disco - Bobby Hebb

The Electric Flag

Jose Feliciano on the BBC  Notes say this was 1967
and that Felician's album was 1968

Christophe Wilhelm

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