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American Idol Update Cortez Shaw / Top 10 BobbyHebb Blog Posts!!

Cortez Shaw performed "Sunny" on American Idol
We are keeping tabs on how he is doing ...

Cortez Shaw chose to sing David Guetta's "Titanium," which Keith considered a big risk that mostly paid off. There were some pitch issues, but Randy was impressed with the range he showed. Nicki was too hot and bothered to critique his actual singing. 

'American Idol’: Burnell Taylor & Cortez Shaw Make The Top 20

Cortez is up next. He sings his own, mellow version of “Titanium” by Sia, and Zoanette practically rushes the stage. She is the best, y’all. When he hits the high notes, I get goosebumps. He really kills it at the end and Mariah is moved to a finger wag. This is serious.

Keith says it was “a bold, brave move.” Nicki is all smiles and gives him some serious bedroom eyes. She says simply, “I liked you a lot tonight.” Randy loved his range and says he is “a fan.” Mariah says, “My, how things have changed.” She takes this opportunity to say she has always been Team Cortez. Ha! Nicki zing!

Decision time! David steps up to hear the verdict. Mariah and her giant breasts sweetly tell him he’s going home. Bryant finds out from Keith that he’s done, to many boos from the audience. Vincent looks terrified, but there’s no way he’s going home. Nicki succinctly tells him he’s going through, no messing around.
Mathenee is also cut. Lazaro goes through with big smiles and hugs from all the judges. Cortez also gets good news. Josh doesn’t make it through. Burnell very unsurprisingly makes the cut. Ryan Boddington is the last guy to make it through.


'American Idol' Season 12, Episode 14 Recap: Vincent Powell is only hope left after judges' botched calls

"This is not easy and I'm so proud of you for getting through this," said Mariah Carey.
The night's unfortunate victims presented themselves in the form of Mathenee Treco, David Oliver Willis, Gurpreet Singh Sarin, Josh Holiday, and Bryant Tadeo -— the departures of the Holiday and Tadeo having been met with audible derision from the Las Vegas crowd (more on that later).

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