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4 Bobby Hebb 45 RPMs in a row! Sunny, A Satisfied Mind, Love Me, Ooh La La

Bobby Hebb 45 RPMs on Philips Records

"Sunny" hit #1 in Cashbox on August 27, 1966 as the Beatles tour was coming to its conclusion, the final date of August 29 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.

Many friends and fans of Bobby Hebb's want to know when the release dates of his singles were.

Here is a succession of three singles that followed "Sunny" 

"Sunny" #1 in Cashbox August 27, 1966
"A Satisfied Mind"  ad  October 1, 1966 
 "Love Me" advertisement December 17, 1966
"Ooh La La" advertisement February 4, 1967, 46 years ago this week as I write this information on! 

SUNNY  #1  Cashbox  8/27
                #3                8/20
                #7                8/13

A Satisfied Mind  October 1, 1966

Love Me BILLBOARD Dec. 17, 1966 



  Ooh La La Feb. 4, 1967  

And thanks to the Northern Soul phenomenon, "LOVE LOVE LOVE" would be released six years later in 1972 and would be a Top 40 hit in Great Britain!

Philips #40431 Produced by Jerry Ross
"My Pretty Sunshine"

1967 British 45 of "I Love Everything About You"

   Artist: BOBBY HEBB

Year: 1967

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