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The Jammin' with Greg Howe on Sunny phenomenon on YouTube


Watch his version of "Sunny" on YouTube
We believe he is a French singer and have requested an interview.
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Sophie Debattista's rendition of "Sunny" is #995 in the Bobby Hebb Catalog Archives created by Richard Ely!   

Nine Hundred and Ninety Five Hard Copies of the song "Sunny" may not include all the YouTube versions of the Bobby Hebb classic.

Review: Sunny as Recorded by Sophie

by Joe Viglione on November 27, 2012
Post image for Review: Sunny as Recorded by Sophie The new CD single of Bobby Hebb’s classic “Sunny”, as recorded in the Mediterranean country of Malta by Sophie (Debattista found at,) is a dynamic, charging pop performance that display’s the singer’s appealing voice in a high energy dance setting with the title of the song repeated over producers Elton Zarb and Giles Squire’s quasi industrial backing track.

On Jan 1, 2006 French chanteuse Sophie Villamayor released her rendition of this song of declaration that “the bright days are here” following in the footsteps of so many other female vocalists including (but certainly not limited to) Mieko Hirota, Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson, Cher, Mary Wells, Italian pop singer Mina, Dusty Springfield and – of course – Melba Moore – who sings back-up with Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson on Bobby Hebb’s hit version.

The official release date of the new single – “Sunny” by Sophie – is December 9.  Produced at Freetime Studios in Malta the disc is on Thru The Mill, Ltd., on Amazon, iTunes and on  (Editor’s note:  Sophie will appear on Joe Viglione’s VISUAL RADIO LIVE on Thursday evening, December 6, 2012 8 PM Eastern Time via telephone.  You can tune in on  This first interview was conducted via e mail). 

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Information on Indigo's version of "Sunny"

  • This version is our "Sunny Song Of The Day" for June 25, 2012 on Bobby Hebb dot blogspot dot com Thank you. Editor, Joe VIglione

  • IN DIGO - Sunny (Bobby Hebb Cover)

  • Thank you for your interest. The Trio is Slowakian (Kosice/Bratislava) and their music is rough from the heart. Nothing like the mainstream, commercial "arts" industries of our days, which symbolizes the death of culture (spirit), love (fraternity) and economy (equity). Only very few people do recognize the quality of true music which expresses pain and optimism at the same time.
  • Hammer performance!

    From Google news - the new orchestrated cover album featuring "Sunny"

    Neben Filmmusik aus „Rocky“ (Gonna Fly Now) und aus dem Animationsfilm „Drachenzähmen leicht gemacht“ sind sowohl sinfonische Werke für Blasorchester wie „La Storia“ oder „Around the World in 80 Days“ auf der CD zu finden. Auch traditionelle Stücke wie die „Katharinenpolka“ von Kurt Gäble oder der „Fliegermarsch“ haben ihren Platz gefunden. Sogar ein Arrangement des modernen Poptitels „Sunny“ von Bobby Hebb und des Duke Ellington Klassikers „Caravan“ wurden auf der Veldener CD verewigt. 

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