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Rare Bobby Hebb Song Discovered! "I WISH"

Before Stevie Wonder wrote a song called "I Wish" the author of "Sunny", Robert Hebb, wrote a song for his good friend Jimmy Church entitled
"I Wish."

It is now rediscovered and available! 

Author: Bobby Hebb
Producer: Mickey Baker
Vocalist: Jimmy Church 
 Drums - Sticks Evans
Guitar - Kenny Burrell 

Okeh Records
(same label as Little Joe Cook)
Time: 2:20

I Wish
By Bobby Hebb

I Wish
That I could win your heart
I'd love you forever/until death to be apart
for your kind of love/is the love for me
Undying, Everlasting, and tenderly

I admire ....
which is soft, but yet so bold
Your cheeks have a smoothness

of a petal from the rose
so don't you see, I want you to be
the girl for me

Night has given away to darkness
And in darkness we are asleep
mmmm...but there is no sleep for me
for my thoughts of you are too deep

The touch of your lips, nice
yes they send me way up to Paradise
but there is just one thing I want you to believe
that you are the one, and only girl for me
So don't you see, I want you to be
The Girl for Me

Here's what the person who posted it to YouTube wrote:
Uploaded by on Jun 17, 2011
Sweet, Sweet, SWEET initially unissued Doo Wop/Soul transitional recording by the Nashville based Mr. Church & his vocal group of unknowns (unknown to me, that is). 

Recorded 'round about 1963 for Okeh, it seems this gem languished in the monolithic vaults of Columbia Records for quite a while. Another wonderful recording mishandled by some A&R fools at the big record company? I'm shocked.

SunnyTheSong Responds on YouTube:

This song was written by Bobby Hebb, author of "Sunny" for his friend Jimmy Church. It was produced by Mickey Baker of Mickey & Sylvia fame. Bobby Hebb replaced Mickey Baker and the duo Mickey & Sylvia became Bobby & Sylvia and they signed to Battle Records.  There are some great session people on this recording. Jimmy Church did an interview on Visual Radio with Joe Viglione on July 5, 2012 and talked about this song. That interview is up on You Tube.

Jimmy Church on Visual Radio July 5, 2012

Mickey Baker is hot again with his song 
 "Love Is Strange" (with Sylvia Robinson) in the movie MEN IN BLACK III.
Pit Bull has a version of "Love Is Strange" also in the movie Men In Black III

Pitbull - Back in Time vs. Mickey & Sylvia - Love is Strange 


Listen to Bobby Hebb's guitar in the #10 hit from 1962 "Rinky Dink"...Bobby plays the "Love Is Strange" riff on the Dave "Baby" Cortez hit.

2:28-2:32 more Bobby Hebb guitar


Chess Records

Rinky Dink


Mickey Baker playing the riff on



Mickey & Sylvia

Also on Chess Records with a 17 year old Bobby Hebb playing the spoons is "She's Fine, She's Mine,"  Bo Diddley's flip of "Diddley Daddy" on Chess Records.

You can distinctly hear Bobby Hebb performing on Spoons

(E.McDaniels) ARC Matrix: 45-7837 37 4243

Early Bo Diddley on Checker catalog #819 released 1955 playing on the Sylvania CR-2740

Diddley Daddy

From Wikipedia

Writing and recording

The song was recorded on May 15, 1955 in Chicago. Originally called "Diddy Diddy Dum Dum,"[5] it started out as a Billy Boy Arnold composition, which Leonard Chess, owner of Chess Records (Checkers was a subsidiary label of Chess), had heard Arnold play and wanted Diddley to record. However, Arnold had just signed a contract with Vee-Jay Records, and had recorded the song the day before at Universal Studios. When Chess wanted Arnold to sing the song, the latter realized he had a contract, responding, "I can't do it...I just recorded it for Vee-Jay." Chess responded, "Goddam! Ain't this a bitch!" A solution, however, was found on the spot: Diddley and Harvey Fuqua, who happened to be around, rewrote the lyrics.[6]
As it happened, the harmonica player Little Walter was in the studio, and he asked Billy Boy Arnold for his harp; Walter plays the long solo after the first verse (Arnold plays harmonica on the B-side, "She's Fine, She's Mine"). Also decided at "the spur of the moment" was to have Chicago doo-wop group The Moonglows sing background vocals.

Another YouTube of "She's Fine, She's Mine"

Much clearer - the Rolling Stones probably got "Sweet Black Angel" on Exile on Main Street from this.

Earlier song

In 1955, Bo Diddley recorded "She's Fine She's Mine" for the B-side to his second single, "Diddley Daddy" (Checker 819). Accompanying Diddley (vocal and guitar) were Billy Boy Arnold (harmonica), Clifton James (drums), and Jerome Green on maracas. The song features a repeated figure on Diddley's tremolo-laden guitar. The first verses are sung without lyrics:
Ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah ah (2x)
Well you don't love me baby, you don't love me I know
"While this is a traditional blues in form, the unusual, almost exotic, arrangement with its hypnotic beat combined with Bo Diddley's anguished vocal takes this far out of the range of the ordinary".[4] Diddley recorded an unrelated song, "You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)" with completely different music and lyrics two months prior on March 2, 1955, which was released on his Go Bo Diddley album.,_She%27s_Mine

The Hi Fi's with Bobby Hebb on Guitar

"I'm So Lonely" 
Written by James Church

Montel Records    SJM 1005

Bobby Hebb toured with The Seniors but 

he is not on their recordings. 

13)Sloo Foot Sue
14)Why did you leave 45-2130

When Jimmy Church and The Seniors 

became the Hi Fi's, Bobby played guitar 

on this single   "My Dear"  b/w

"I'm So Lonely" 

15)HI Fis  my dear  

16)Hi Fis i'm so lonely (James Church) SJM 1005 Montel 

Recording Co, Baton Rouge LACal Music Co, BMI   

Time   2:25


2130 - Seniors : Why Did You Leave Me / Sloo Foot Soo ( Dec 1957)

The Seniors with Jimmy Church

Artist Biography

Nashville-born Jimmy Church entered music professionally while he was still in high school as a singer in the R&B vocal group the Seniors, whose ranks also included guitarist Bobby Hebb. They were good enough to be signed by Excello, and he later moved on to the Hi-Fi's, who got a contract with Baton Rouge-based Montel Records. He passed through Johnny Otis' band in Los Angeles but preferred the music opportunities in the South, returning to his native Nashville, where he began his solo recording career on the Hickory label. He later moved to OKeh during the latter's final active years, and to Sound Stage 7 and Peach Tree. He also passed through the lineup of the King Casuals -- whose ranks also included a young Jimi Hendrix -- before forming his own group, the Jimmy Church Revue.

ack Listing
1. Rollin' Stone - The Marigolds
2. It's Love Baby (24 Hours a Day) - Earl Gaines/Louis Brooks
3. Now Listen Baby - Good Rockin' Sam Beasley/Kid King's Combo
4. Pork and Beans - The Solotones
5. Lightnin's Blues - Lightnin' Slim
6. Courtin' in a Cadillac - Jerry "Boogie" McCain
7. My Mumblin' Baby - Rudy Green
8. Pleadin' for Love - Larry Birdsong/Louis Brooks & His Hi-Toppers
9. Congo Mambo - Guitar Gable/King Karl/Guitar Gable & The Musical Kings
10. Irene - Guitar Gable/King Karl
11. Kiss-A-Me Quick - Jack Toombs
12. Havin' a Whole Lot of Fun - Johnny Jano
13. Hey! Baby - Al Ferrier
14. No Jive - Little Al
15. Little Lean Woman - Little Al
16. Chicken Hearted Woman - Clarence Samuels
17. My Home Is a Prison - Lonesome Sundown
18. Mean Ol' Lonesome Train - Lightnin' Slim
19. They Call Me Lazy - Lazy Lester
20. I'm a King Bee - Slim Harpo

Excello Story Vol 2  1955-1957   features The Marigolds; Bobby's brother, Hal Hebb, was in the Marigolds.
I'm not sure if he's on this particular recording.  Working on getting that information. 

So let's have some fun.   In 2012 Mickey Baker, Bo Diddley & Sylvia Robinson have their hit in MEN IN BLACK III.  Pitbull does a rap version of "Love is Strange" while Moes Def does a rap version with Bobby Hebb's "Flower" from Love Games sampled.   We have a track or two where Bobby worked with Bo Diddley.  See all the connections?

We also find a song, "I Wish" where Bobby worked with both Mickey Baker and Jimmy Church(thanks to Jimmy Church on Visual Radio July 5, 2012)

Stevie Wonder had a different song "I Wish." 

Stevie Wonder covered "Sunny" on a live album, STEVIE WONDER LIVE and also a STUDIO rendition.

Stevie Wonder  performing Bobby Hebb's "Sunny"

Stevie Wonder performing the Stevie Wonder song "I Wish" 

Moes Def singing "Priority" 
from Bobby Hebb's "Flower"

Live version of Moe's Def 
"Flower" is 2:20 in on this live rendition

Saw Moes Def in a film the other night.  
He's made quite a few movies.

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