Thursday, November 08, 2012

【 Ameimi 】 Sunny song of the Day for 11-8-12

Album: COMPL2TE // Track # 6
Singer: Ameimi

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Song: Sunny
Originally By: Bobby Hebb performed by Sunny
Album: COMPL2TE // Track # 6
Singer: Ameimi

Ameimi, Generation 1 member of Vivid, decided to sing Sunny, originally by Bobby Hebb, performed by Sunny, as her solo song. This song is the sixth track from Vivid's second album, COMPL2TE (Complete).

It's that time again!~ Vivid is back with another album, filled with even more solos from various members of Vivid Sound!~ This album, like the last one, gives the members of Vivid the opportunity of singing a solo song to showcase their talent.

Mixing: Suki
Video Arrangement Suki

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