Thursday, March 17, 2016

March 17 kayrock91 Sunny Song of the Day


Cover in cooperation with ThePianoHolli 
Members: Martin Heine (Guitar) Bernhard "Björn" Böck (Bass) Kevin Richter (Drums) INSTAGRAM: deafignoranceofficial
Genre: Pop-Punk / Post-Hardcore
Hometown: Kempten, Germany
Kevin Richter 
 Hi, i'm a 24 year old drummer from Kempten (Bavaria), Germany. Music has always been a very important part of my life and it still is. 

Hope you like the music posted on this channel. :)

Currently i'm the drummer for Deaf Ignorance and Hilde-BigBand.

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Cover in Zusammenarbeit mit ThePianoHolli

Sunny (Cover) Tanja Srednik & Andreas Hollerbach
See Translation

Sunny (Cover) Tanja Srednik & Andreas Hollerbach


  August 22, 2015 Andreas Hollerbach performed our Sunny Song of the Day with Kayrock 91 on drums

5:07 pm March 12, 2016  Sunny sunset in Woburn; photo by editor Joe Viglione (C)2016

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