Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 13 SAM BAKER Sunny Song of the Day - Produced by John Richbourg


Sam Baker's "Vanilla Fudge" styled SUNNY - Song of the Day SUNDAY March 13, 2016 - produced by Bobby Hebb's good friend John R - John Richbourg! it's up on eBay "You smiled at me and true love came, once again," different lyric
Album Notes
I BELIEVE IN YOU gathers all of American soul singer Sam Baker's single sides for the cult label Sound Stage 7. Cut between 1965 and 1969 in Memphis by producer John Richbourg, none of these 22 songs were more than regional hits at best, but they have developed a devoted following in the Northern Soul scene in the decades since their release. The set features remastered sound and detailed liner notes by archivist John Ridley.…/SAM-BAKER-I-Believe-In-…/151780692896…--
2008 release on Soulscape
Turkish 45 rare pressing on Monument Records…/RARE-SAM-BAKER-TURKISH-…/131746196775…
Detailed item info
Track Listing
1. You Can't See the Blood
2. What Did Sister Do
3. Sometimes You Have to Cry
4. Something Tells Me
5. Don't Feel Rained On
6. Someone Bigger (Than You and Me)
7. Let Me Come on Home
8. Safe in the Arms of Love
9. Just a Glance Away
10. That's All I Want from You
11. I Can't Turn Her Loose
12. I Believe in You
13. I'm Number One
14. Sunny
15. I Can't Stand It
16. I Can't Break Away
17. Soming to Bring You Some Soul
18. Sugarman
19. Strange Sensation
20. I Love You
21. Hold Back Girl
22. It's All Over

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