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Bryan Lewis Music Sunny Song of the Day June 24, 2015

Sunny funk - Rhodes and bass


From facebook:
  • Born and raised in upstate New York, Bryan Lewis received his B.A. in Music Industry from S.U.N.Y. Oneonta in 2008, and he's been fortunate enough to have a full-time career in the music business ever since.

    Bryan has lived in the Tampa Bay area since January 2010 and plays over 200 gigs a year with Serotonic, Acme Jazz Garage, as a solo pianist, and occasionally with other bands and musicians. He also teaches piano, keyboard, and organ lessons via Skype and locally in Tampa Bay.
  • Current Location
    Tampa, FL

photo used with permission
Mini review by Joe Viglione

Bryan Lewis starts his rendition of "Sunny" off with a beat, and some funk ad-libs before going in to the song's melody.   It's a contemplative "Sunny" with creative dashes of notes stretching the basic foundation of the perennial hit song.

Where Stevie Wonder performed "Sunny" in a more traditional setting both on the For Once In My Life album as well as Stevie Wonder Live - punctuated with big band and Stevie's superb harmonica, Bryan Lewis of Tampa, Florida goes where Wonder might approach the song today in 2015. Over an electronic drum Lewis goes a more modern Wonder route with the melody,

 The Fender Rhodes (which is dominant on the hits "Dancing In the Moonlight" by King Harvest and "Superwoman" by Stevie) is a nice touch on the three minute and fifty two second instrumental.

Stevie Wonder also recorded "There's A Place in the Sun" and "You are the Sunshine of my Life," so the theme is a thread through Wonder's career.



Sunny - Sagmeister Trio

Uploaded on Sep 27, 2010
"Sunny" Sagmeister Trio live im BP Jazzclub Zagreb
Michael Sagmeister - Gitarre, Michael Küttner - Drums, Martin Gjaonowski - Bass 
Hammond B-3

Sunny,B3 fr 1970 Leslie 145 Restored completely.
B3 restored internally.Cabinet original,and a bit bluesy:)

From Patrik Gudmundsäter website

731 days of Bobby Hebb's 50th Anniversary of Sunny

Publishing 1965

Hit Record 1966
365 days in 2015

366 days in 2016, a leap year with February 29

Today is Day 175 of 731 DAYS IN THE 50 YEAR CELEBRATION

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