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Bobby Hebb "SUNNY" Played in Western Massachusets non-stop June 5, 2015

New Album featuring "Sunny"

Writer Ed Wrobleski, host of the "Talking Hendrix" radio show, said that "Sunny" was played in a variety of stores and businesses in Western, Mass. yesterday, June 6th.

Update soon.

ErpfenBrass - ein echter "Hin-Hörer"

Es ist immer wieder erfrischend wahrzunehmen, wie offen und freidenkerisch junge 

The world-famous "Sunny " by Bobby Hebb is interpreted to impressively attentive and sensitive way and is another secret highlight of the album . Here , as well as in three other pieces , attacks the American guitarist Alex Schultz in the strings . After the presentation of the theme over supple arranged Bläsersätze the sextet lets his guest all the freedom and plenty of room for the development of his brilliant built , sensitive singing solos that in commenting lines the theme that is maintained by changing Bläsersätze over several cycles of time plays around;art1210080,3236619

Das weltbekannte "Sunny" von Bobby Hebb wird auf eindrucksvoll achtsame und sensible Weise interpretiert und ist ein weiterer heimlicher Höhepunkt des Albums. Hier, wie auch bei drei weiteren Stücken, greift der amerikanische Gitarrist Alex Schultz in die Saiten. Nach der Vorstellung des Themas über geschmeidig arrangierte Bläsersätze lässt das Sextett seinem Gast alle Freiheiten und viel Raum für die Entwicklung seines brillant gebauten, einfühlsam singenden Solos, das in kommentierenden Linien das Thema, das durch sich verändernde Bläsersätze über mehrere Takte hinweg aufrechterhalten wird, umspielt.

  1. the same city on Aug. 3, a very full 72 years later.
  2. Story image for bobby hebb from Südwest Presse

    ErpfenBrass - ein echter "Hin-Hörer"

    Südwest Presse-May 27, 2015
    Das weltbekannte "Sunny" von Bobby Hebb wird auf eindrucksvoll achtsame und sensible Weise interpretiert und ist ein weiterer heimlicher ...
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    Sheraton da Bahia recebe turnê internacional de jazz

    Mercado & Eventos-May 16, 2015
    ... além de "Besame Mucho" (Consuelo Velázquez), "Sunny" (Bobby Hebb), Goergia on My Mind" (Hoagy Carmichael / Stuart Gorrell) e Blue n' ...

    Live at Elixir
    Green Tea   Live at Elixir 

    Review by Joe Viglione

    1)  A Go Go   8:08
    2) The Scratch   5:52
    3) Cantaloupe Island  8:09
    4) Sunny  5:23
    5) Red Baron  5:44
    6) Take 5   6:45
    7) Dear Limmertz  8:17
    8) Green Tea    6:31

    The exquisite instrumental music played by keyboardist Andrey Novikov, guitarist Jake Pashkin, bassist Damien Langkamer, and drummer Gaetano di Giacomo is a sublime jazz/funk performed with the perfect touch.  Not to be confused with the American group – also called Green Tea - which disbanded in September of 2014, the U.K. Green Tea adds a spacey vibration to its eclectic and moody musical presentation, track 5, “Red Baron,” a good case in point off of the CD Live at Elixr’s.
    The band seems to be big on John Scofield, former guitarist with Andy Pratt (way back in the early 1970s) opening with Scofield’s “A Go Go” from his 1997/98 album of the same name (A Go Go, track 1) and closing with “Green Tea” – the 7th track from that disc, and clearly where the group found their name.  The musicianship is most faithful, Green Tea (the band) giving a lighter version of Scofield though, at times, with cutting instrumental work carving out their own identity.  It’s that ebb and flow from smooth to brittle that seems to define Green Tea’s version of the music they like.
    “Cantaloupe Island’ changes gears, from Steely Dan-styled keyboards to heavily influenced-by-Hendrix guitar. Where Herbie Hancock’s original from the 1964-ish album Empyrean Isles sounds more like the Doors gone jazz (before the Doors ever put a note to record,) Green Tea take Hancock and bring him into the world of the artists noted above.   Azymuth’s classic and sampled-many-times “Dear Limmertz” is delicious here, Green Tea providing ethereal partitions in their space/rock cum jazz flourishes.

    The 5 minute 29 second rendition of "Sunny" blasts into the song with dexterity, an uptempo drive which flows from a dancing keyboard solo by Andrey Novikov into (via segue) drummer Gaetano di Giocomo’s vision, giving us 41 seconds of improvisation from 3:16 to 3:57 in the middle of Bobby Hebb's classic,   Guitarist  Jake Pashkin has style and passion, the sound from his axe reminiscent of Greg Howe's "Sunny" that has permeated YouTube.
    Green Tea’s “Sunny” is a welcome addition to the Bobby Hebb collection of “Sunny” covers and worth of your attention.

    Live at Elixir


    Facebook page

    Members: Andrey Novikov, keyboards 
    Jake Pashkin, guitar 
    Damien Langkamer, bass 
    Gaetano di Giacomo, drums
    County. Dress Code *. Green Tea plays with irresistible energy. Postcode * ... London and UK, including LSE, Bull's Head in Barnes, Barn Church in Kew.

    ARTICLE ON GREEN TEA bassist Damien Langkamer 

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