Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Manfred Mann bassist Dave Richmond in trio performing "SUNNY"

Editor's Note: According to Wikipedia, Dave Richmond of Manfred Mann (bassist) is on the "Sunny" recorded by Manfred Mann.  Now he's in a jazz trio performing at Stowe Arts in the U.K.

Accomplished jazz trio promise top evening

Exciting musical talent Martyn Croston comes to Arts at Stowe on Wednesday, March 19 as part of a trio that promise a fantastic evening of entertainment.

Now London-based, he performs for all kinds of audiences as a soloist, with a violinist and a function band as well as being very popular on the jazz scene in various guises.
For tickets and details on this unique event visit www.stowearts.co.uk or call 01280 818012.

Pianist Croston will be accompanied on this trip, to play The Ugland Auditorium, Stowe School, by Dave Richmond (Manfred Mann) on bass and Gary Morgan to perform a mixed programme of jazz, latin, soul and funk.



In this trio, these highly entertaining musicians will be featuring some huge-selling greats including Bobby Hebb’s Sunny, Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water, jazz standards including Misty by Erroll Garner and Take the A-Train by Billy Strayhorn, as well as some unmissable jazz fusion numbers such as Spyro Gyra’s Morning Dance.


"Sunny" begins with bowed bass and lazy vibes introducing a powerful organ solo, accompanied by frenzied screaming (it was, said Mann "a pretty wild session"),[2] dissolving into a fast cadenza and recapitulation. "Wild Thing" sets a piano-driven soul riff over which the melody features tone-bending tricks on Mann's Mellotron brass.[3] "Getaway" has the song's short theme on bowed bass, filled out by vibraphone and organ, leading to an organ and then a bowed bass solo with uncredited scat unison vocal. "With a Girl like You" has a solo guitar, a military waltzing snare and more spontaneous vocals.

Manfred Mann and Mike Hugg continued their practice, established at their earliest sessions, of dubbing jazzy solos, on Hammond organ and vibraphone respectively, over their own rhythm section tracks, with Mann on piano and Hugg on drums, in this case with their former double bassist Dave Richmond. Their current electric bass player, Klaus Voorman appeared on only recorder. Tom McGuinness played guitar.


  1. Blumberg: Männer Brass meets Frauen Folkrock

    Schwarzwälder Bote-Mar 7, 2014
    ... der norwegischen Frauenband Katzenjammer, bin hin zu mexikanischem Latin-Pop und jazzigen Stücken wie "Sunny", von Bobby Hebb.
 Achdorf (asti). Music at the Visitors in Achdorf, which is not unusual. Not every day but it is the mix, which on Saturday 29 March, will be offered from 20 clock there. D
ann namely that: "Men Brass meets women folk rock".

Behind this are two bands from the region. The Unadinger formation "Blosmaschie" takes for the Men's Brass, the Baaremer band "Miss Moneypenny" for the women-folk rock. An interesting mix, in which it is worthwhile even need to look more closely. Let the ladies go first.

 Musically and stylistically, the band is broadly: "We play everything that we like, moves us or has meaning for us, especially us naturally inspired music of women," Ute Cramer describes the selection. The repertoire ranges from folk-rock songs from the 1960s through the songs of the "Godmother of Punk" Patti Smith, Country and Soul by Van Morrison, current pop interpretations of the country-rock of Amy Mc Donald and the Norwegian girl band Katzenjammer,'m back to Mexican Latin pop and jazz pieces like "Sunny" by Bobby Hebb. Always a challenge and a great pleasure for Miss Moneypenny is to adapt the title instrumental orchestration of the band and thus give them the unmistakable Miss Moneypenny sound. something


Musikalisch und stilistisch ist die Band breit aufgestellt: "Wir spielen alles, was uns gefällt, uns bewegt oder Bedeutung für uns hat, besonders inspiriert uns natürlich auch Musik von Frauen", beschreibt Ute Cramer die Titelauswahl. Das Repertoire reicht von Folk-Rock Songs aus den 1960er Jahren über Songs der "Godmother of Punk" Patti Smith, Country-Soul von Van Morrison, aktuellen Pop-Interpretationen des Country-Rock von Amy Mc Donald und der norwegischen Frauenband Katzenjammer, bin hin zu mexikanischem Latin-Pop und jazzigen Stücken wie "Sunny", von Bobby Hebb. Immer wieder eine Herausforderung und großes Vergnügen für Miss Moneypenny ist es, die Titel auf die instrumentale Besetzung der Band anzupassen und ihnen damit den unverwechselbaren Miss Moneypenny Sound zu geben. Etwas

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