Sunday, February 16, 2014


R&B legends find a home at Carol Ann’s


Sure Johnny Bragg, Bobby Hebb, Earl Gaines, Roscoe Shelton, Ted Jarrett, Jones, Hendrix and too many more are gone. But many of their contemporaries tote their grayer and thicker frames onto the small stage to demonstrate the vitality of Nashville’s “other side of the tracks” music. 
Friday, March 29, 2013

Frank Howard & The Commanders, The Valentines (also featuring Frank Howard), Clifford Curry, as well as members of The Jimmy Church Band and The Super T/Tyrone Smith Revue are just a few of the folks trading stage turns during the free-flowing jam.
Neither interrupting nor missing a beat, musicians wander in from the night, amble onto the stage, plug in and/or strap on and enter the joyful fray. Meanwhile, vocalists as varied as Lady Di, “Big Jerry” Stockard and L.C. “Love Child” Scruggs grab the microphone, call out the next song and begin, the band easily following.
It’s a weekly old-fashioned R&B jam, like those that used to take place at Club Stealaway, Club Baron, New Era and the Del Morocco 40 years ago, before the champagne and menthols, neon-lit club life of Jefferson Street and North Nashville was rolled o

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